Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Update to Lent

This year, I thought I'd give up Facebook for Lent, like I did last year.  That was actually helpful as it showed me how much Facebook had consumed my life, and how much I was curating my life to be palatable to a plethora of work friends... many of whom I had not met in person, but who were just associated through work fields.

I realized how much I didn't like that.  And I decided to eliminate work use from Facebook and to use it only for fun, so I could be myself with friends and family.  I kept only those friends I wanted to actually know in real life.  Every now and then, I go through my lists to be sure I am only Facebook friends with people I'd actually go out to coffee with.

This year, I decided to take a short sabbath from Facebook.  I took 10 days, though I realized from the start I wouldn't take the whole Lent period off.

I did need some time to think about what I'd DO for Lent.

I finally decided that a discipline that would be a little more painful this year would be no-Buzzfeed reading.  That's my biggest time waster now.

I think a discipline should take us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we related to other people and the Great Above.  Buzzfeed is, perhaps, the ultimate form of naval-gazing.  It rarely teaches me anything new and usually wastes way too much time.

So no Buzzfeed.  That's my giving-up.

And my taking-on?  I'm going to try and get an article published in a forum that is not a clergy one.  It'll require me to network and branch out from my comfort zone, and to discipline myself to work when I would otherwise be scrolling bug-eyed through the entire Internet.

I'll write more later about how that will help me understand more about myself and others.  But right now I have to go change for work.  I was going to hit the gym before work, but I realized I have time later to get to a class I've been wanting to try, so I'm going to go later instead!

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