Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Year of Everything Wearing Out

It's no secret that I hate shopping.  Typically, I will just keep wearing or using what I have until I have holes in the seat and I can see fine details while looking through the fabric, at which point someone takes away my pink corduroy pants that I loved, and makes them into rags.  

I like using things until they are worn out. 

This year, for some reason, everything I own seems to be wearing out at the same time.  My jeans.  My shoes.  My coats.  My technology.  

No joke: the summer ended with me grudgingly admitting that I would have to replace my raincoat because I had come home multiple times with wet marks from the coat soaking through.  It was followed in short order by three pairs of shoes, two white button down shirts, jeans, the afore-mentioned cords, and so many other items I've started to lose count.  

It gets me mad because I want to save money, not spend money.  But on the other hand, I'm not buying yachts.  I'm buying white button downs and a dress for work, replace things that I don't have anymore.  (Oh, God, the shoe shopping that awaits me.  Nononononono.). 

Most recently, work decided to replace my iPad.  I do about 85-90% of my work on an iPad, and then just log into a computer to clean it up and make it look pretty.  The writing and content creation, the research, the meetings, the times when all I need is a bunch of paper in hand, all that I have migrated to an iPad over the last four years.  

It had gotten to the point where people laughed when they saw how old my other iPad was.  It wasn't first generation... But it was old enough that it was noticeable.  It had gotten to the point where I couldn't update all the software I needed to update anymore. 

So they bought me a new one.  

But I have thrwarted at least one part of the technology gods!  I have a Microsoft keyboard that I use.  It's not an apple keyboard.  It's not one of the "approved" brands that looks sharp and cool with the iPad.  But it fits my hands, and the cover of the keyboard both keeps it clean in my bag and serves as a stand for the iPad, which makes me happy.  So I did not want to upgrade it.  

And it took some button pressing, but I do not have to upgrade it.  It's fine to use my old keyboard with the new iPad.  So until this goes kaput (at the current rate, probably next week!), I get to reuse something old.  Which suits me just fine.  

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