Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ouch! Impatient Sewer Suffers for Art

After the dramatic, midday purchase of my new jeans (maybe I should go back for another pair of the skinny flares? Those things are amazing.), I was left with one chore: hemming. Women's jeans don't come in lengths so most women have to hem jeans. Luckily, I only have to hem an inch or two.    I've learned the hard way that this is best accomplished by cutting off the original hem right at the top of the original hemline, and rolling a new hem from that cut. I will confess that I did get lazy on the second pair and just fold up the original hem and sew.    That's my problem with sewing. I don't have a lot of patience for the finicky stuff.    I did decide, though, that I'd like to try my hand at one of those skirts made from jeans. I took the old worn out jeans and started in on the project     Lessons learned: 1) seam ripping jeans is a PITA.  It took forever. I had good jeans so there were about eleventy billion stitches to rip.  It's why the seat blew out before the seams did. 2) I should have ripped further. The skirt came out tidy when flat, but on me, there's a weird bell of extra fabric in the front. I considered making a box pleat but it would be too bulky. So I'll have to rip it out, rip further, and re-sew it. Not today though, because I got frustrated.  3) denim fabric is thick. Even with the special needle and adjusted tension, I had to go really slow or my threads would loop weirdly on the backside.  Going slow always fixed that problem.    But here's the best part. (The squeamish should just stop.). I sustained an impressive sewing machine injury. Don't worry, no wound pictures here, but I do have a shot of my bandaged finger.  Somehow as I was guiding the damn skirt through the damn machine, I must have gotten distracted for two split seconds. The machine, sensing that moment of weakness, took the opportunity to grab my finger and run over, nay, impale my finger with its large speciality denim needle. Running thick speciality denim thread.   For the record, when that happens, apparently the fail safe is that the thread breaks, and so does the needle.  The needle, specifically, breaks in half.   In your finger. Specifically, impaled through the edge of your finger right next to the nail, coming out the other side.  That's right folks.  We had actuall entry AND exit wound. Ouch.  You remember that scene in the Walking Dead, where Darren is alone and hallucinating about his brother and he accidentally gets an arrow through his side, and he pulls it through his body?  It was like that, dozens of times smaller and with a needle.   There was blood spurtage.  But on the bright side, it didn't hurt too much. Much less than the time I fell On a fence and split my nail, and much less than a burn. And with my husband's recent surgery, we had plenty of steri-strips still in the house.  So I staunched the wound, applied the ointment, steri-stripped that sucker, poured me a glass of wine because that's what BAMFs so when impaled...  
  Re-threaded that machine and replaced the needle.... And finished my little job.   Still don't like sewing.   

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