Monday, July 13, 2015

What a break!

Well, it's a good thing I just blog as a way of keeping a training journal these days or else I'd be a very delinquent writer to my hordes of readers.  (Hi Uncle T!) 

It's been crazy busy here.  I keep having thoughts of posts, but never actually get around to sitting and writing.  I'll be working from home this afternoon, so maybe I can schedule that in? 

One thing I did about a month ago was pick up a second job at Wylie Wagg.  I've joked for a long time about a "secret solace job" where no one knew what I did, so I'd have a break from you know, caring about people.  So I help people buy dog food and I pat their pups.  It's actually quite relaxing.  I know it won't be a long term thing, but it's fun for now.  If I get into grad school or go full time in a job that is going to have to go away.  

I'vee been biking, running, and organizing a ride.  In particular, I started and quit two training programs for my half marathon.  I quit the Couch 2 5K programs which several runners recommended for speedwork, because I found they were just too slow for where I am.  I am not fast by any stretch, but I wasn't that slow or out of shape.  So I started a different program based on a game board, but it required too many days of running (4-6) and I need time to bike and to do strength and core training.  

So last week, I discovered the Galloway method, which is based on about 3 days of running with two short and one long run a week, using a run-walk model and occasional speed trials.  That leaves me time to bike and strength train, and fits me much better.  It's hard enough to be challenging (it gives me  an idea of how hard to go if I have a given time goal), but not so hard I feel I can't do it.  

Saturday took me on a long run through Rock Creek Park where I finally hit some gorgeous real trails.  We are really lucky to have Rock Creek in this town!  But man  was it hilly!  It was nice, though, to hit the final, flat homestretch and finish strong. 

Also nice was remembering to grab my Stick and roll out my hamstrings.  I've been horrible with stretching and actually had a huge knot in my left hamstring that would have been major cramps for a few days... but within a few minutes of rolling, I'd released that knot and have had no problems.  Note to self... take the time to stretch and roll! 

In other news, the thyroid medication experiment continues.  I was told it could take 6-8 weeks until I noticed big changes.  The last few days, it feels like something switched on.  I've been much warmer and had much more sensitive toes and fingers, and I've had a strong thirst drive.  My  doc mentioned that was something I might expect.  People with a slow thryoid often have little to no thirst mechanism, so when it starts returning to normal your body starts wanting what it has been missing.  But I still have problems with plain water, so I have been drinking coconut water and fizzy water whenever I can.  

That's all the news that fit to print before 3 incredibly busy days kick off.  Ah,, who do I kid?  I'm 4 hours in already with two and a half more days to go!  I have 3 services, 1 premarital session, two meetings, finishing up the publicity and getting the registration live for the bike ride, getting things ready to cover the Rector's vacation, and handling all the regular pastoral stuff that rolls through.  So I'm a busy,k busy girl this week!  

In happy news: the best money I spent last week (now that we are emerging from our years of deprivation and poverty!) was tickets to the Star Wars Day game!  I got tickets in our new favorite spot- super high aobve the field but a gorgeous view of all the action and easy access to snacks.  I still like nice low seats from time to time, but I won't deny that those high seats, with the shade covering, is nice when you have easy-burn skin like mine!

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