Friday, May 15, 2015

Half Marathon- Goal Set!

I signed up for the Hartford Half Marathon in October!

You might remember I had a goal of completing a half marathon this year.  Well, here I go.  Goal set.

I know I can do 13.1, as I've already done it in an Ironman.  I want to be able to do the entire half at a strong pace and finish well.  I'm shooting for a 9:15 pace.  Yes, it's "slow" for me, the fastest I've ever held a 10K was an 8:45, so this will be a good goal.

I have a training plan I like, so I will start following that.  And yes, I have already put an app on both my iPad and on my phone that are counting down the days.

My friend K the Powerful Blonde will be pacing me.  She's become quite the badass runner, and is doing the Marine Corp Marathon, and this race falls on a day in her taper when she should be doing a 13 mile run.  Boom.  My goal pace is her take it easy pace- perfect!  My sister is also doing the MCM, so she may run as well.  But her pace is way faster than mine.

For extra bonus points, it's also my cousin's wedding weekend, so we opted to take the train to avoid any holiday nonsense on the roads.  We get that Monday off for Columbus Day (the worst federal holiday due to the guy being honored, but hey, I'll take the day off for what it's worth).  So running that half means I get to eat all the wedding food.  And we're a Portuguese family, so you know there'll be great food.

Now that my health seems to be pretty stable, I'm looking forward to a good year of training... the first consistently good year since the year I did Leadman.  (Which was the year before I got e.Coli and all the stuff hit the fan.)

I am still going to be swimming and biking.  Because I like to, and because they are free since I have all the gear.

I do need to replace my shoes (I'll be sticking with On because I like them), and probably invest in some more socks, and possibly a pair of running shorts or two.  I only have one skort right now, so I really do need some more shorts so I can rotate stuff faster.  

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