Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday in Holy Week

Thursday is the first of four days of controlled chaos.

I arrived at work today several hours later than the start of office hours, due to the fact that I will be doing a service at 7:30PM and won't be leaving before about 9ish.

I spent the morning tidying up a few things and puzzling over taxes and then being really, really mad that my tax program hadn't saved my taxes so now I have to do them ALL OVER again.  Grrrrr....  I also spent part of that time estimating my 2015 taxes so I can guesstimate our monthly income after taxes.  Why?  Well, because now I can color-code the home budget.  Duh!  With both of us having normal, stable jobs again, at last, I can finally do things like budget projections so we can achieve our goals!


Almost as soon as I arrived at work, I also discovered that I've completely lost my Maundy Thursday sermon and all its notes.  So I have to write this thing from scratch in 4 hours.  NOT exactly my preferred method of writing!

I am also discovering that something about Holy Week makes people SUPER nice to clergy.  I'm wearing my collar today (um, services, hello!), and people are smiling and waving and holding the doors and letting me go before them in lines.  It's weird.  Yes, I checked my fly and made sure my hair was combed.

People, you are creeping me out.  Now go and sin no more.

I better go write that sermon.  Again!

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