Thursday, April 30, 2015

Massage curing my ailing foot

Last week, after getting a bit of bad news, I decided to run through my anger. I'd been easily running the 5K loop around the block, but I needed to step up my mileage, or, you know, start following a training plan, if I want to nail that half marathon this year.  

Anger running is not necessarily good for one's training. I was so mad and upset that I ran 8.2 miles at an 8:37 pace.  That's pretty slamming.  But I have been paying for it all week with a sore foot.  

I'm also walking to the metro every day, and usually getting way over my Shine points (time to step up the shine points now!) so I have also been putting lots of mileage on my feet, and not always wearing the best walking shoes.  I'm still vain enough to default to cute-ish and "goes with outfit" over "sensible to walk several miles in". 

My left foot started protesting loudly on Monday.  The big toe joint ached, the arch felt crackly, and it just felt sore and puffy and tired.  It is very frustrating when the rest of your body says "Gooooo!!!" 

I finally got a massage (best priest gift ever!).  And the massuse went to work.  First he spent about half an hour on the bag of marbles that was my upper back.  He got his elbows in there and it was actually a little uncomfortable... Until the moment that something popped and it felt like a whole line of firecrackers went off in a row down my back and things unlinked and I swear my sinuses opened up.  

Tension, much? 

Finally, he went to work on the calves and feet.  And as he was working on my left foot, there was a similar crunching sort of pop and that feeling of a warm liquid being poured around inside, which I associate with the release of a muscle knot. My big toe shifted position (hadn't even noticed it was not where it should be!) and the arch stopped aching immediately!  

So somehow... I either dislocated my toe, or I had a huge muscle knot in that foot.  But the massage seems to have fixed it up.  I might be thinking about more regular massages in the course of training...

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