Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good Friday, Good Runs

I started Good Friday with running the 5K loop I discovered (mostly flat and pretty fast) in the opposite direction.  Basically, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Nebraska create an almost perfect loop that goes through some DC-quiet neighborhoods.  (For me, that means not overrun by tourists).  It took me, again, about 28 minutes, meaning that I'm starting my ramp up- even without a race to prep for!- at a faster, stronger pace than the last year.  Thank you, Andrew Giant Muscles, Devin Super Fit, and Michelle Power Strong!  They kick my butt... but clearly, I needed kicking.

I will definitely be continuing to do the strength work at the gym since obviously I need someone else to kick me in the rear to get me to lift harder and stronger.

Today, I started the day with a meeting for the Bike Project for which I'm the Project Manager. Some of you might be following the tragedy where a Suffragan Bishop hit and killed a cyclist.  It's a pretty bad case, all around.  So a lot of cycling Episcopalians, being horrified by so many aspects of the case, want to do SOMETHING positive.  What happened was and will continue to be horrible.  But can we use our energy to create something that can benefit others?  We think so.  We are organizing with a century group to be part of a large ride, and will be focusing on bike safety.  So I had that meeting early on. The Core Team will be a good group.

Then I went for a run.  I've been seeing signs for trails going to the Rock Creek Parkway, and naturally, I thought, "YAY! Trails!"  I had visions of the old Ridgeline trail from Eugene- the one where you basically park your car and suddenly you are running on a different planet.  I always felt so badass and happy running that trail.  It's the trail that converted me from a running-hater to a person who just realized that I'm a trails girl.

Well, the Rock Creek Parkway is no Ridgeline trail.  It's largely paved, and pretty open, and a wee bit crowded, but it's at least a trail.  It's more like the Fern Ridge trail, Oregon readers.  Since I had lots of happy time biking and running Fern Ridge, I will not whine about Rock Creek.  It was pretty good and I'll spend a lot of time there.

Overall, I did about 5.7 miles in about 1:05, counting uphill slogs, waiting for traffic, and standing around looking at my phone at the map, trying to figure out which way to turn.  (Ok, and petting that family's adorable golden retriever.)

I am getting a little desperate for some real dirt trails out here.  Come on, East Coast!  Give a girl some dirt!  If you know of any, please do tell me!

Alternately, if you want to give me a plane ticket for two weeks in Oregon, I'll come out on Monday with all my running stuff and I'll get my fill of Ridgeline, Fern Ridge, up in the mountains, and out to the Shore.

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