Thursday, April 9, 2015

Birthday dinner for M

Today is M's birthday, and so I'm cooking up a feast. We've been noticing an Italian market nearby, so I stopped in for some authentic ingredients for a decidedly inauthentic , vegan lasagna. He's done with his vegan challenge, but I don't think any man would complain about lasagna!  Besides, I really wanted to try the Thug Kitchen ricotta filling.  I've been missing lasagna since I had to give up dairy a few years ago.  So it's a double win! 

I went to the gym for Balance Body where the instructor has amazing shoulders, a perky attitude, and the endurance of a hawk.  She just kept going like she would never stop! At the end of class, one lady lay down on her mat! It was a good workout. I Am mad that I left my Shine home, though. All that walking and the gym, and no Shine points for it! 

Things are really settling down here in DC.  I had this awful dream the other night where I dreamed we had moved into a new place... It had linoleum and carpet floors, and was in a basement, and it had 1,300 square feet, which more than we've ever had.  But I kept running from room to room, crying and asking the movers to stop moving our things because I'd changed my mind about moving.  I dream ran back to our current place and was lying on the floor trying to keep the movers from taking the rug, shouting "We can't move! We have wood floors!" when I woke up in a hot sweat. The bedroom was stifling. I stripped off my jammies, changed, and opened all the windows I could before I flopped down on the futon in the breezier room (the main room).  

It's true that our current place is a postage stamp, and the kitchen is weeny, and the water in the shower has a bad habit of sometimes going SCORCHING HOT then FREEZING COLD... But I love this postage stamp!  And the wood floors.  

Well, I better go wash up.  Lasagna assembly begins soon.  

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