Thursday, April 2, 2015

Approaching Normal

Yesterday was April 1st, which is a day when a lot of not-naturally-funny people try and pull elaborate jokes and pranks.  Most of them fall completely flat.  (Yeah, that would be most of all the politicians' attempts at humorous tweets.  Please stop, politicians.  You aren't funny.  Just go to work and get sh*t done, already.)

Outside, away from the Washington Post telling me about various pranks (which was super annoying), it was a lovely day: sunny, cool and warming up with the gentle promise of a spring coming our way.  (Someone told me it was supposed to be in the 30s again later this week.  STOP WITH THE LIES, ALREADY, WEATHER PEOPLE!  FREE THE SPRING!)

I opted to skip the gym in favor of a shake-it-out run.  You know, the sort of thing where you head out just to see how well you are doing after months of being indoors on dreadmills and spin bikes and doing boot camps.  Yes, I missed both Barre and yoga, which I really enjoy, but OUTSIDE!  YAY!

If I head down Wisconsin towards Tenleytown, turn left on Nebraska, and left on Massachusetts, I have an almost perfect 5K loop.  In even better news, it took me about 28 minutes.  My heart rate averaged under 150 BPM until the last leg where there's a gentle incline and it edged up into the low 160s.  This is actually fabulous.  The e.Coli situation totally screwed me up, and flat 5K runs last year were taking me 35 minutes with lots of pain and wacky heart rates.

In other words, this sort of pace is approaching what I was running as I started my Leadman season, which was probably my best season so far.  I think I can do some good builds and see if I can't get those 7:30 miles back.

I was pondering that as I trotted home.  Part of my brain was thinking, "Eh, I do think I can use that route to do some speed work!"  The other part of my brain was realizing how much more normal and how much better I'm feeling, at last.  I had a rough time with that e.Coli and trying to figure out how to feed a lactose intolerant body!  I can't believe it took this long to figure it all out.  I'm a little relieved and a little frustrated, because I wish I had figured it out faster.

Spending all that money working with the Idiot Nutrition Coach last spring didn't help anything.  She may have set me back several months, with the whole stupid no-carb, no-calorie thing.

I'm super grateful to have worked with my Fueled and Focused coach, who may have saved my bacon.  I don't want to think how bad things could have gotten if not for her.

So I am going to be doing some reading on the Exchange Program, which my doctor still recommends.  I think Cristina from F&F really helped me a lot, and now I want to learn more.  I picked up Diet for Dancers (don't read the back cover.  It's horrible.  But inside, it's got tons of great information and FINALLY explains the Exchange program in a way I can understand).

Try not to get fixated on the weight stuff in the book.  I am finding it really helpful to learn about the Exchange program side of things.  It's explaining how to break down foods to get the exchange values, which is something I had not been understanding, as well as how MANY exchanges you should get throughout the day, which is also helpful.  I'll look forward to puzzling this book out over the next few weeks to see if this helps me with achieving balance.

In other news, I'm a little sore from the run, and debating whether I should go for another one this morning before heading off to work.  I'm going in late as I have the first services for Holy Week tonight... and I'm really debating if I should wear myself out a little or take the time to clean the kitchen.  In either case, I know that next week I have tons more time!

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