Saturday, March 14, 2015

Whoops... 10 day break?

Whoops.  Just realized it had been a 10 day break since my last post. It's not that I haven't thought of possible blog topics.  It's  more that I haven't been near a computer, and haven't had a notebook handy, and was perhaps a little too busy playing games on my phone during the commute to do any scribbling.  Hm.  Simplicity fail, perhaps. 

In the meantime, there's been several positive developments.  I'lll say more over time, but it suffices to say now we are embarking on a period of normalcy in our lives.  That will be so nice, indeed.  It's been a complex journey.  At last, we are able to think about "well, in a year, we should think about buying a house..."  (I have no doubt that we could get approved for a mortgage right now.  But I do want a little more financial security and a small downpayment before that. I don't want to rush something about important as our home!)  

I've stayed off Facebook for Lent, but I have definitely been tempted to go on quite a bit.  I always said that I was on Facebook because it kept me connected, but truthfully, when I reach for it or think of checking it, it's always for a mindless break.  So that has me thinking about why do I really want Facebook in my life.  Do I just want to see people's cute baby pictures?  Or do I want to use it for actual networking?  If it's the latter, then I might have to unfriend family and friends to keep from getting sucked into the reel of goofy articles and baby stories.  If it's the former, then it might be time to unfriend work-only colleagues.  But I think this practice has taught me that having Facebook be both work and fun at once is overwhelming and annoying.  At the end of Lent, I will definitely be doing some major gleaning.   

In the time I've saved from being off Facebook... welll, on one hand, yes, I'm knitting more even though I just frogged a whole project (frogging is when you 'rip it, rip it, rip it' out) because my gauge was a half size off.  But it'll go back together quickly now that I have replace my needle with the right size.  

I've definitely worked out more.  I do the strength classes pretty regularly, and I've started adding in runs.  On one hand, it is beneficial and I love the steam room.  I ma go to the gym sometimes just to earn some steam room time!  On the other hand, I am also thinking about MyFitnessPal.  I'm trying to drop a few pounds by summer, and calorie counting is good and not good.  I find I really miss the WeightWatchers plan where you count points, not calories.  That seemed to help me make right choices more often.  I feel a little frustrated when MFP shows me that I should eat another 1000 calories at 7PM, thanks to the hard workout I just did and the walk there and home.  But  it's just not practical.  So I'm taking a break from tracking while I establish the habit of just working out again.  

And finally, the lactose program seems to be working.  I have had a few times when I tried something that would have been on the very strict no-list... and been OK.  (Most recent success: Cadbury Creme Egg!)  I'm still going to keep my life mostly dairy-free, but I think I can start to relax a little.  I still haven't tried cow dairy, but sheep and goat seem to be OK in small amounts.  However, in the meantime, I've found so many other options... that I don't think I miss dairy the way I did in the beginning.  I don't miss random ice cream any more and I don't sorrow over pizza like I did in the beginning.  It was certainly a very hard change... but I think I've adjusted.  

I'm off to finish some writing for tomorrow... and then I am going to meander off to the store to pick up a few somethings. 

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