Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wednesday in Holy Week

Wednesday is when things start to heat up.

It's my niece's birthday, for one thing.  My FIRST niece!  I have two (so far) and this is the first child of my generation in our family.  My brother now has a teenager in his house.  Wha ha ha ha ha ha!  

Today, I have a baptism meeting, a final bible study, and a car to pack.  My sermon is drafted.  All the food we can imagine cooking is cooked.  And we even did the laundry.  

No services for me today, but I have to make sure that EVERYTHING is locked and loaded for the next four days.  That means finalizing two sermons.  I'm a pro.  I can do this!  (Hell, yeah, I took today off the gym to give my feet a rest.)  

M made a yummy noodle soup for dinner.  I picked up a sorbet for dessert, when I dropped off a quilt for cleaning.  That's responsible, right?

I sent M to bed because he was REALLY tired- tired enough that he did not want to fold the laundry at all.  He was started to randomly click through shows and movies on Netflix.  

I had zero inclination to sit on the couch for an hour folding while he aimlessly clicked channels and fought sleep.  So I sent him off to bed and he grumbled and groused, and as of now, he's been sound sleep for nearly 2 ½ hours.  I'm off to join him shortly.  EXCEPT I'M A TOTAL NIGHT OWL AND EVEN PLAYING ALL THE CALM SLOW MUSIC IN THE WORLD CAN'T CALM ME DOWN ENOUGH TO SLEEP!  WHOOO!  PARTY PRIEST!  

Yeah.  It's a good thing I have a fairly flexible schedule, because this night owl thing would BITE if I had an early shift all the time! 

I've always been glad M and I like to go camping.  It was a fun vacation in our early days.  You, too, should go camping with your potential spouse.  When we used to go camping, I would see how he behaved at the end of a long walk day, and I figured out early on what he's like when he gets tired.  Sometimes I don't mind hanging out with a sleepy guy.  

But today, I really needed clothes folded, and I wanted to get it done before all the wrinkles set.  This girl needed her undies and clergy shirts ready for this week!  So I had the living room to myself and watched TV while folding, and then did a few boring financial things.  I paid off one bill and started working on the budget for this coming month.  I bet you can't stand excitement!  

I have more to do.  But I'm in a good place this minute, right now.  

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