Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday in Holy Week

On Monday and Tuesday, Holy Week is a little lighter (at this particular parish).  My work revolves around working on my sermon for Easter and Good Friday, and (this year) cleaning up my office and getting things ready for the new Rector.

But I know it's going to get CRAZY in a few days!

M volunteered to make food and to ensure that I would not starve between now and Easter.  But, given that he's working full time now at his Dream Job in the Archives, some of our make-ahead work is a joint effort.  Especially when I factor in that my schedule really is more flexible.  (Says the girl sitting here, waiting for the muffins to finish, at 9AM, when most of you are probably already at your office.)

He's in charge of everything from here until Sunday, when he will cook the leg of lamb I have christened "Wooly Wally", which is currently residing in our freezer.  It will be an adventure!

Between last night and this morning, we have teamed up to make:

-Broccoli rabe
-dry fried tofu
-seitan (M says "wheat meat".  I say "SATAN!" in an evil hissing voice)
-hardboiled eggs
-baked sweet potatoes (okay, microwaved sweet potatoes.  Whatever.)
-sun tea.  (Still waiting to see if it gets hot enough on our Eastern window)
-AND cranberry lemony muffins.

We still think we might make banana bread bars from my friend Cristina's Fueled and Focused site.

We also have raw zucchini and the makings of a quick marinara in the cupboards and fridge.  Raw zucchini can be spiralized, giving us lots of yummy noodle like things but without the heaviness of regular spaghetti.  Personally, I like to mix the zucchini noodles with regular noodles if I'm really hungry.  I often add nuts or vegan "neat balls' when I have them for protein, but my personal favorite is just tofu chunks.  I just love tofu!  (Sorry.  I know it's oddball.)

I discovered, recently, something I'd learned long ago but lost my confidence in until I spent the last months of 2014 working with a food coach.  I don't like to eat a lot before a big workout!  Whether it's a bike ride or a dance class, eating less makes me feel faster.  I re-discovered this in a big way by accident when I was running late to Boot Camp with Andrew Giant Muscles, and didn't have time to have my normal snack.  I grabbed a bottle of sports drink (I'll explain sports drink some other time.  I have reasons, OK?), and threw a gel in my pocket in case I got the hungry shakes on the way home.

During the workout, I was conscious of an empty tummy... but I was lifting heavier and running faster than normal.  Huh.  And I didn't get the hungry shakes.  I got home, showered, and made a salad with lots of stuff on top.

I remember, "back in the day, you whippersnappers", how I'd head out on a ride with maybe a Clif bar and a bottle of Gatorade, and two hours (or four) later would roll home.  I'd be hungry, but I was a lot faster than during later years when I was carefully trying to figure out what to eat when and to track every calorie. I usually had some cash or a debit card in the event of FOOD EMERGENCY.

When I started training for tris, I think I needed to experiment with the gels and chews.  My coaches wanted us to eat enough to fuel ourselves, so I'd eat when I was told to eat... even if I wasn't hungry.  (And then working night shifts, I'd be hungry for the wrong things at the wrong time!)  I think it's a good season now to relearn my own sense of hunger and enough.  As my friend likes to say, "Food is fuel!"

Speaking of which, I have a lunch to pack!

And then I have to drive to work so I can go to REI and get some flint to start a fire.  Because Easter Vigil, that's why.  It's the day priests love because we get to START FIRES!

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