Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Snow, Seriously

An update to yesterday:

M's moratorium on eggplant is removed.  Because I'm going to get yummy baba ganoush tonight, and crusty bread, and he made seitan from scratch, and has more roasted eggplant plans, and as long as he's cooking it into wonderful things, I want all the eggplant.

It helps that we both like our veggies in this house.

I, and all of DC, are preparing for a SNOWMAGEDDON tomorrow.  We might have 4-8 inches, or more, or less, but probably a lot of snow.  I don't own a parka anymore.  I don't own snow boots.  I moved away from Parkaland (aka, CT) because I hate being cold and getting snow in my shoes, so I am way over the horrible snow.

I am over the snow before it even got here.

In the meantime, I got home in just enough time to change my clothes and get ready to head out to Barre class where a really tough, super fun teacher is going to wreck me/supertone my quads.  If I get there early enough, I can spin out some of my whirling anxieties on the spin bike while I wait for class to start.

I better run so I have time to also have a snack!

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