Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday in Holy Week

Last week got hectic.  My friend was here with her baby, and two of us aunties had volunteered to babysit.  None of us are related by blood, so we have made the decision to be a family.  My friend is an only child, so she had to pick and choose Aunties.  I have to say, the Other DC Auntie and I pretty much rock the auntie gig.  The child in question is brilliant and super advanced, and he totally knew he was with amateurs.  So he was very, very well behaved. 

Even during the Megapoop diaper changing episode.  Don't ask me how a teeny baby can produce a mess that size.  Remind me to nominate the inventor of baby wipes for sainthood.  And I don't think a certain lawyer will ever casually suggest that we use her office for baby changing ever again.  

We did Palm Sunday yesterday.  We did the Dent Davidson percussion Passion.  It's amazing.  It's funny- on one hand, the service ends with death and the silence and the only sound is the ringing of the triangle as people depart.  But on the other hand, the readings went so well, I wanted to go high five all the other readers.  

My favorite part yesterday was the moment where Judas tries to give back the silver for betraying Christ.  All of us reading Judas agreed that the guy was unfairly smeared by history.  He was doing his best.  So we got together (secretly!) and we made a plan to get fake silver coins, and at the critical moment, when the Priest casually dismissed us- "What is [your guilt] to us?  That's your affair!", we threw the coins down.  The little, flimsy bag split open and coins rolled everywhere.  The other readers were all shocked.  In two services, the "priest" furtively picked up some of the coins.  In each service, some people were angry or surprised by the anger of Judas.  It was BRILLIANT.  

So now I'm off to Holy Week... and also my final week in this interim, before I start my permanent new gig.  I have an office to pack.  

I am also going to end my Facebook fast, because I think I have achieved the goal.  I have a working plan for Facebook in the future and it involves a lot of simplification.  

Plans for the future?  Well... I'm not yet ready to talk through them, but I have some big ideas for this coming year.  I'm looking forward to my two weeks off between jobs to get some of those plans in motion. 

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