Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Magical Hours, Sheep Yogurt, and Eggplant

Well, last things first.

M is going to be put on a temporary moratorium from buying EGGPLANT.  A few weeks ago, he came home with an eggplant, wanting to make me a grilled eggplant/garlic dish that makes a fabulous rice bowl ingredient.

A few days later, he brought home another eggplant.  Since he wanted to make a double recipe.

Then yesterday, he came home with two more.

So my spouse is impulse-buying eggplants.  Which I suppose is a much healthier habit than, say, betting on ponies, but now I have four eggplants in my fridge.  Which is why I'm cooked one into a Thug Kitchen dish and roasted another for baba ganoush, which is going to come to work with me.

He's going to have to come up with something for eggplants three and four.


I'm still trying to find dairy products that hit me with protein and other good stuff without hitting me with the high lactose that makes me so miserable.  The doctor believes that if I find something I can tolerate, I'll be able to gradually increase my tolerance to better levels.

I recently discovered sheep milk yogurt.  It's outlandishly expensive ($5.99 for 16oz), but so far, I've been having a good result.  Of course, I'm only eating 3 tablespoons a day! However, I crumbled a homemade energy bar over it yesterday for breakfast and it was delicious.


I do love our tiny postage-stamp of an apartment.  At sunset, this is just the most magical place.  The buildings on our side of the street cast a shadow, and the far side of the city lights up in a really gorgeous sort of glow.  I don't have a good camera right now, so I can't even try to capture it.  But we can see the National Basilica and the Washington Monument from our windows, and it is so good to watch them glowing in the setting sun.  The Cathedral is also gorgeous- the stone turns a sort of rose gold.

It encourages me to get home in time for sunset (which is easier as sunset gets later).

In fact, this place reminds me a bit of my first apartment in Arlington.  I used to pour a glass of wine and watch the sun set over Arlington, being happy that I didn't have to drive in the crazy traffic.  Things are a little more complicated as both M and I are figuring out our new commutes and when we get home, so it'll be a little while before we have a regular welcome home hour, but maybe we'll get there in a few months.

BTW, "welcome home" hour is not always cocktail hour.  Sure, sometimes we have wine (or beer for M), or a cocktail, but we are just as likely to make seltzer or OJ spritzers or tea for me in the cold months.  It's more about the act of a Delightful Beverage and the relaxing.


Cleveland Park is the metro that has the prettiest neighborhood to walk through.  That's mentally relaxing, to get a break from citystreetseverywheretraffic.  Tenleytown is the place to go to best see the sunset on the walk home.  But if the weather is bad, I grab a bus out of Foggy Bottom, which drops me off right in front of my apartment.  The bus in the evening is slow as molasses in an igloo, thanks to traffic, so it's a last resort.  If I'm trying to get to the gym or if I don't mind a walk, I found that the Georgetown Circulator can get me right to the gym, which is a short walk to home.

The Georgetown Circulator costs a 50 cent transfer (instead of $1.25 for the regular metro), and is really very accessible.  I'm going to see about dropping a set of clothes at the gym, hopping the circulator, and then the metro to work, meaning that my stuff will be waiting for me at the gym for later.

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