Thursday, March 5, 2015

DC Snow Day

So whaat do you do in 700 square feet on a  snow day?  Both of us are home from work, and for me, it's yet another freaking snow day.  I do like my Metro commute, but Metro often slows or stops in Weather, which means that commuting out to the suburbs can sometimes become impossible due to anything from "cold temperatures" to "cracked rails", even if in the city, the underground part of Metro COULD be running.  


So far today, I have made Thug Kitchen biscuts and lentil gravy, Mark Bittman "How to Cook Everything" French Bread dough, and baba ganoush.  I had to roast an extra eggplant (I like my baba ganoush more eggplanty), and the dough takes its time to rise, so it's a good snow day experiment.  M plans to make salsa. I should also put on a pot of rice since I like to have brown rice on hand.  I've gotten totally hooked on the Thug Kitchen brown rice and edamame breakfast bowl. 

On the breakfast front: I've realized that on mornings when I commute on an empty stomach, I get way more motion sick than when I have a little something.  So I've been trying to eat SOMETHING before leaving the house.  It's hard because I just don't feel hungry early in the morning.  We both like the Fueled and Focused energy bars that our friend Cristina has created.  (We crumble them up and pair them with almond milk or sometimes sheep yogurt.)  

There was a car accident on the street below earlier- looked like a Tbone awhere at least the striking car left the scene.  It's the second Tbone I've seen in the last 16 hours on Wisconsin NW.  Seriously, people, rain and snow are slippery and shiny and make it hard to see.  Slow the eff down.  4 Wheel Drive does not mean you can drive like it's a normal day out there.  And, frankly, no matter how careful you are, sometimes bad stuff happens.  (AKA, accident.)  

As for the rest of the day, in between the slow cooking (beans, rice, bread, salsa), I'll do a little work (the last remaining dregs of my to-do list), do some cleaning and tidying, and probably binge watch Outlander.  Which means I'll have a VERY free Friday and Saturday.  I'm  getting a pretty serious case of cabin fever here, and Virginia does not have an easy escape to the wild ocean like Oregon did... Eeeekkk!  

Which means I'm hitting the place where giving up Facebook is a little challenging.  I used it to occupy mindless time, but now, I have to FIND OTHER THINGS TO DO!  It's not go-outside-and-play weather.  My piano is in storage, my viola is at my office, and I only have 200 books and a sweater to knit to keep me busy.  WIthout Facebook, I can't eavesdrop on other lives and see what they are up to or vaguebook and whine about our weather.  I repeat... Eeeeekkkk!!!

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