Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What I have been doing in Lent so far...

This Lent, I decided to give up Facebook.

I have a whole bunch of reasons and was writing those out, and after something like 2 000 words, I realize that none of those posts are ready yet.  I hope to be able to talk those through over the next few weeks.

So instead, I thought I'd start looking at what I've been doing instead of being on Facebook.

Last week, I joined a gym.  Since then, I've done 5 workouts and have spent about 2 hours in the steam room, in spurts of 15 minutes or so after workouts.  I like the people I've been meeting, and getting to know the instructors.  The steam room might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

M decided to do a vegan challenge for Lent.  I am all over that.  He gave me the motherfuckin' Thug Kitchen cookbook for Valentine's Day and that thing is the fo'real shit.  Oh, dear.  It's got me talking that way too... but seriously, those boys know how to make delicious food.

For example:  I have finally, FINALLY, after 35 years on this earth, discovered a hot breakfast I actually love: their rice and edamame bowl with the scallion sauce.  It's warm.  It's savory. It's easy protein.  So, Thug boys, you have created a recipe that even a breakfast hater loves to eat.

I'm calling or texting people.  Facebook was a great way to connect... but I'm realizing that I was relying on Facebook to do all my connecting, and I'm enjoying being in touch with certain people and it's kind of nice to be out of the arena of the Mommy Wars.  A lot of my friends are moms of young kids right now, and my gawd, people!  It's exhausting.

I'm getting way too much work done. Last week, I had my sermon all researched and written by the time I signed off work on Thursday... meaning I had all Friday off, and on Saturday, all I had to do was some deep revision work.  Is that what "weekend" is like?  I also got a bunch of behind the scenes stuff done that would be really, really boring to list, but for the first time in months, I had devastated my whole to-do list during the week.  Bam.  That thing was all gone, and I had time to work on my other projects.

I think that being off Facebook is helping me let go of some of my anxiety towards fulfilling others' expectations of me. (Mostly because I'm out of the sandbox right now.) I am also reclaiming time.  For a while now, I suspected Facebook was becoming a huge time suck for me, and I am learning right now that it sucked more time than I had been willing to admit in my most honest moments.

So I'm pretty happy so far with the releasing aspects of this Lenten practice.

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