Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trip Out West. Vacation!

We just got back from a vacation... perhaps the first REAL vacation we've had in years!  For the last few years, while I did take vacation time, it seemed I was either A) driving with M across the country or flying cross country while we were apart, B) traveling to see family, or C) traveling for work related reasons.  It was always on the fun end of the spectrum, but we haven't really gone somewhere without an agenda just to travel.

In the first few years of our marriage, we worked hard to have actual vacations.  We took trips to Montreal and Disney and New York.  It all stopped during grad school/internships/separation/movingcrosscountry.  I'm glad that in this year of craziness, it seems we are finally settling down to the extent that real vacations are possible again!

We went out to Oregon for the purpose of our gorgeous friends' wedding.  They've been together for something like 14 years, and are basically our twins.  N has ADHD just like M, and whenever he make me nuts, I just call her to get some perspective.  And when N and M drive us nuts, V and I call each other and commiserate about these spouses who we love and who make us insane.  It was SO MUCH DAMN FUN and such an honor to be present at their legal and in the church wedding.  Yay for marriage equality!

We tacked on a few extra days in Seattle, and I am so glad we did.  M had never been, and I'd been feeling a little guilt about my getting to go.  So I promised him trips up the Space Needle and to the Chiluly Garden and my dad plied him with stories of the Seattle Underground Tour.

Seattle at Sunset.  That's Mt. Rainier in the distance!

Another view...

Looks a little like a disaster movie!  The fog disappeared by the time we went for dinner.

M and I had both been fighting bugs.  With me on steroids and cough meds, and M on antibiotics, we contracted our grand plans until our vacation was mostly resting and eating.  We are really sorry we missed so many friends... but we both felt that sharing our bugs was not a good idea.

We did get to the Space Needle, and the Chiluly Gardens, and Seattle Underground.  We rallied for one big huge tourist day, and luck for once was with us.  We got to see the fish throwing at Pike Place.  There was perfect weather for a lot of walking, and a gorgeous sunset over rolling Pacific Northwest fog.  We walked and talked and drove each other a little nuts and went back to the hotel kind of early after dinner.

It was a week of being really OFF.  And while on one hand, I feel a little guilty that I went to the West Coast and pretty much slept my way through the week, on the other hand, it was delightful.

So let's call it a win.  We cam home to this.
Kitties stretched out on the radiator, watching the robins which were flocking in the tree outside!

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