Monday, January 19, 2015

Loaf #2 of Bread

Yesterday's loaf of bread was successful.  So successful, in fact, that M ate most of it in one day.  Scarfed it right down.  

I used a recipe called "Swiss Braid" from The Complete Book of Bread & Bread Machines. It's a charming tome by Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter that I've been using for years.  I believe it's British thanks to the spellings and the fact that most measurements are given in metrics, but it works.  And I really appreciate that most of the recipes include weights.  It is much more accurate. 

I change the Swiss loaf for my own needs.  Specifically, I eliminate the sour cream and subbed in goat milk yogurt.  I did the math, and the amount of dairy in each serving was well below my threshhold, and the goat yogurt only comes in large containers and I had to use it up.  

I do need to stand guard over the stand mixer as it kneads.  Yesterday, the dough was way too dry and needed lots of extra liquid.  Today, I did a better job of adding in the ingredients in the order specified, and the dough turned out to need a lot of extra flour.  Of course, I also experimented with grinding oatmeal and wheat together for a lighter flour.  Yesterday, I used oat flour to dust my boards for the final knead, and it worked out really well.  So we will see if this works even better. 

I am going to put the flour into my new IKEA loaf pans.  I packed all my loaf pans into long term storage and just can't bear to go through all those unlabeled boxes to find them.  $5.99 each, and I have two new loaf pans.  They are long and skinny, and I think, if I'm lucky, I will get loaves that are just the right size for sandwiches out of them.  

So far, the Swiss Braid recipe seems to make enough for one long loaf.  If it works, I might double recipes in the future.  I'm supposed to braid the swiss braid, and while that worked well, it does not make for a good sandwich.  

I have 26 minutes more of rising.  I really want a nap.  But I shall power through and not go to bed until I have a loaf made!  Hopefully, that'll be around midnight.  

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