Friday, October 31, 2014

Moving day rapidly approaching

It's almost here... Moving day. With just four months left in my assignment as an interim, we are giving up our apartment. We will be taking a guest room with a friend while we await formal word on next steps.  There's several good reasons.  

The big reason... We hate Tysons Corner.  Fun place to shop. Horrid place to live between Thanksgiving and January. Although I live barely three miles from work, last year, my average commute was well over an hour. The worst was one hour and fifty seven minutes...on the bus alone. Not counting the little bits of walking and the waiting in 17 degree weather. I've given up trying to ride the bus becuase it's so off schedule all the time.  

The spiritual energy of this place is also off.  It's geared towards consuming... Food, goods, luxury items.  We live next to the Tysons II, the super luxury mall.  I'm troubled by the young people I see, toting bags from the high end stores, coming to Panera for a snack.  So many of the shoppers seem unhappy, talking on a phone to people far away. It's a rarity to see two people together who seem to be enjoying each other's company. And frankly, I get weary of privileged teenagers throwing tantrums when mom won't buy them a Coach bag. 

We felt like we were living above the vat of pink slime from the Ghostbusters movie- you know,  the stuff that made everyone fight all the time.  The spiritual energy just saps at us constantly.  There's always someone moving in our complex.  There's always someone breaking up. A while back, a neighbor got evicted.  We try to go for a walk and we have a choice of walking through a canyon of office buildings or playing Frogger as we dash across roads near the mall. 

We compare that to the experience of walking through Eastern Market on Saturday and discovering the vegan cart or finding little treasures in the flea market.  We ran the Mall this summer, and it felt like miles between monuments before we had to cross a road.  We go for walks in DC and it feels like we can breathe freely. I know, ironic considering that cities are polluted heat sinks.  

Dunn Loring, Fairfax, Vienna... All these can be delightful places if you want the suburban life.  And I will not knock you if you do.  Many people love their grassy yards and their space.  But RIGHT NEXT TO THE MALL? Nope. We are joining the dozens of people I've talked to in the last year who started out for one year where we are and then moved on.  

Knowing that there are some new things on the horizon very soon, we really wanted to wait until we had more permanent knowledge before we made a where should we live decision. But we realized that we had made our decision about Tysons months ago.  We did not want to spend another holiday season having our souls sucked out by the maurading hordes who jam the roads and make my trip home into an odessy of shouted curses, road cutoffs, and stop and go traffic.  

Although... With Silver Line open, I may consider doing just a day of Christmas shopping in the mall... Knowing I'll be able to go home to a normal neighborhood afterwards.  

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