Saturday, October 4, 2014

Moving... again.

Here we are again.  In one freakin' month, we will have to move AGAIN.  

Let me clarify that this isn't exactly my happy choice!  When we moved in, I'd been under the impression that month to month renting (in the event my contract was extended) would be an option for us.  

Then a month ago, less than 48 hours before our "60 day notice" was due, we got the renewal rates.  A 10% raise in rent with a 2 year lease was one option.  (Um, no.)  Or an over 100% raise for a month to month rate!  Seriously, our rent would have DOUBLED for four months.  Oh, hella no.  

First off, we know already that we don't want to live in Tysons long term.  We feel cooped up, surrounded by plastic and chain stores.  In order to do most of our activities, it's a 20 minute ride to the first access point on the W&OD, or a 40 minute metro ride to the city, or a long car ride.  I feel like we waste hours just transporting ourselves from point A to point B.  We did the math, and between car costs and metro costs, we could afford to pay $500 a month more in the District in rent and utilities, and still break even.  M even suggested we consider selling the car.  (I maintain it's ok to keep ONE car.  I just want to pay it off and drive our little paid-off car until the engine falls out and goes bouncing away down the street.)  

Second, all the stuff we DO is in the District.  

And third, DOUBLING the rent for month to month?  I mean, I've paid a little month to month premium before.  It's what you do when you know that things will be changing and that you shouldn't get into a year long lease.  But DOUBLING?  Nuht uh.  That's so not cool.  

But getting another lease right now?  Also not cool.  I'm in process to find my next call and I'm comfortable with where I am.  I have confidence that I'm likely to have another job secured by February, and I feel the Diocese wants that as well.  So I don't worry about ending up penniless.  In fact, I'm blessed that we have enough money right now that we COULD afford another lease right now.  But since I don't know precisely WHERE I'll be just yet, I don't want to get a place that might land us with an atrocious commute.  Or worse, in the wrong city.  

All we needed was just four more months to let things come to completion in God's time.  And I have confidence that things ar about to break open.  But in the meantime, here we are, seeking a four month long place to stay with two kitties.  SO irritated.  Really, SO irritated.  

With one month to go to find a place to live, I know it'll be ok.  But I'm frustrated by the impermanence and the transience.  I sort of knew this was a risk of the clergy life, and I knew this was a risk of the Interim life, and while I love interim work and how exciting it is, I don't love this stage of wondering what happens next.  

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