Friday, October 31, 2014

Barre3 28 to Great

So how'd i do on my challenge? Well... Not too great, really. But considering the average stress load of my life this past month what with finding a place to live and assorted other drama? Pretty good.  

I did more workouts than I did in the months previous. 

I worked in more veggies at every chance.  

I took a lovely bike bike ride with a colleague and tried Zumba. 

In the middle of that... I had to spend a week at a conference center that has a tradition of Southern cooking. Tasty Bites are tasty... And I was glad to have them for rations when I had them.  Plus, conferences lead me to eat way more candy than otherwise. So the fact that I survived the month with a stable weight? Ok.  

On the super happy side, most recent test results indicate that I do NOT have an allergy to dairy after all.  All my other results are back to normal as well.  Which means my body is showing, at a chemical level, that things have healed.  This might even be a little miraculous, because my tests in Oregon did clearly indicate an allergy. 

Wow.  E.Coli. It does not kid around.  

It's now 2 years since I contracted E.Coli. Two years since these problems all started.  Two years since I started getting horribly sick every time I ate dairy. Two years since i got word that things like my blood sugar was not normal and I was anemic.  And finally, clear tests.  

This is excellent.  It means that now I can do things like start re-building my tolerance to lactose. The doc thinks I'll always be lactose intolerant, thanks to my genetics. She feels strongly that I had been lactose intolerant for a long time, and the E.Coli just made it worse. (In a way, if I'd never gotten E.acoli, I'd never have known.  I'd have lived my life just thinking I had a nervous stomach.)  So I shouldn't expect to get back to regular lattes or cups of chocolate milk or large cups of yogurt. I should not expect to have a 3 Musketeers bar. But I might- with careful treatment- get to the point where I can eat a little cheese or choose to have a tiny kiddie cone without getting terribly sick.  I might be able to try croissants again someday. Next time I'm in France, I won't have to skip all the good food.  (Though I may have to take Lactaid.). 

At this point, I have started with daily doses of low lactose stuff... We are talking a tablespoon of goat yogurt right now.  In a month or so, it may be two tablespoons.  This will be a long and slow process.  And it's likely that I have a hard limit- that at some point, I just won't be able to have any more, no matter what. But at least I know that I can start to relax.  Whew.  

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