Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barre3 28 to Great Challenge

Well, we are about halfway through the 28 to Great Barre3 challenge.  I don't have any nifty codes to share like other people who blog, but I can say this about it:

Man, it's tough.  I'm working on so much right, and the extra challenge of workouts... yike!  But it's been good.  Barre3 is all about working it into your overall life, and it's big on 10 minute breakdowns.  10 minutes here, 10 minutes there.  It's all good.  I'm definitely noticing increases in my core already.  I've been really pushing myself to the edge in those 10 minutes, even if it's all the core work I get in a day.

I am also noticing, as I work on planks, that part of my trouble is that I tend to sag into my shoulders. If I push myself to support myself with my shoulders and to lift myself up, it doesn't hurt my wrists nearly as much.  Yes, I think I'm always going to have some wrist pain in pushup position (because I always have!), but this is making it a lot less.

I've nailed down about 4 workouts a week, instead of the 6 I'm supposed to do.  But hey, given all the chaos, and the fact that I have been netting 10,000-18,000 steps a day in DC and surrounding areas checking on housing options... I'll take it with grace.

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