Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Allergy Testing

Today, I had a doctor's appointment.  I've been seeing this doc for about a year now.  She was the one who confirmed that I still had e.Coli when I arrived here last year (the bad e.Coli, not the good stuff that my body was supposed to have), and who has been working with me to use as many natural methods as possible to heal everything that got broken.

By this point in time, I'm feeling tons stronger.  Basically, after a year of chaos and tests and meds and healing, everything is finally pretty much normal... except that I am still very strictly avoiding dairy.

So she had said for a long time that if I got the point where everything else had stabilized and healed, she'd re-do the bloodwork to see if this dairy thing I am facing is a true allergy or just an intolerance.

Because, thanks to genetics, my people are prone to lactose intolerance.  The working theory is that I was probably lactose intolerant without realizing what it was.

What if this whole thing has NOT been a true allergy, but just an over-reacting sick body trying desperately to manage the bad bugs in its gut?  What if, now that that has healed and all the damage that was done seems to be healed, what if now, it's just an intolerance after all?

You know what that means?

It means if I get clear tests back, I can start doing lactose challenges to build up a little bit of tolerance.  We think I might not ever get back what I had as a kid- but no one ever does.  Most people become somewhat lactose intolerant anyway as they age.  But I might regain the ability to eat a little dairy again.  If I could never eat another regular pizza, but I could have a kiddie cone from Carl's in Fredericksburg, I'll take it!

I should know within a week!

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