Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vacation! And The Triathlete Overplans

Having realized earlier this month that I was about to head into program year having taken approximately zero of my vacation, I figured it was high time the boss made herself take that vacation!  It's a stay cation, mostly, with perhaps a few solo day trips, and perhaps one camping trip if I can talk M into a spontaneous camp out.

With Nation's coming up in a few weeks, I'm feeling better than I have all summer (who knew that food could make you feel good, eh?), but also woefully undertrained.  I felt so low energy and miserable all summer because of the Idiot Nutritionist's goals that I skipped a lot of training days, sleeping away hours in the afternoon.  (Yeah, not cool, really.)

I know I can't make up lost training time this close to the race, so I've been working REALLY hard these last few weeks on cardio in order to do a good healthy taper.

During taper, I'm going to focus on flexibility and strength.  I am going to set a goal of 5-6 Barre3 workouts a week (15-30 minutes in length, focusing on the flexibility and strength ones. There's even several just for runners!).  I always find that being flexible and strong increases my endurance as much as hours on the bike do.

I am also going to do my nutrition coach proud and eat the healthiest damn diet ever.  She has given me recipes for protein pancakes and salads... and I am going to eat so many veggies this vacation!  And drink so much water!  Usually I go into a tri completely puckered up from the sugar overload, but I had a chance to experiment with some new nutrition this year, and I am pretty sure I know how I will eat during the race.  (Picky bar before, Hammer gels and Powerbar Perform on the bar, and whatever liquid Gatorade-like-beverage we get on the run course).  I've learned that my post-e.Coli tummy prefers to not eat anything really solid on the bike or the run right now.

Since I feel my race day nutrition is OK (if not exactly dialed in at this point), I'm going to focus on my day-to-day nutrition, which quite frankly is the bigger challenge for me right now.  I need to really learn how to eat healthy, without dairy, and getting sufficient balances of protein, fat, and carbs... all out of whole foods.

Also over vacation:  I'm going to be using a wedding honorarium to replace few totally worn out clergy shirts (one ripped across the back seam after ten years!) with some cute jersey ones, and I'm going to buy a new work bag for when I need a nice bag to carry around town but want something smaller than luggage.  I'm a little obsessed with finding good things- I don't like to shop, so I take FOREVER to buy something.  Then I keep it forever and ever until the straps literally fray through and my previously perfect work bag crashes into oblivion.  Farewell, O Bag.

I'm also collecting swatches of fabric: M and I are picking out fabric for our upholstery project.  Neither of us has ever done upholstery, so why not start with a full size sofa?

We've also been given tickets to the Nats and the ballet, so we are getting all sorts of culture over the next few weeks.

Expect to see a slew of boring posts about taper training, salad eating, and how the ballet was!

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