Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Taper Eating Problems

So I have hit the problem I usually hit in taper: knowing I still need to eat, but being suddenly un-hungry.  Today, it was 10:30 before I ate anything, and I had to force myself.  It's because of the huge increase in rest and decrease in workouts, but still.  I have only a week before race day and I want this year to be RIGHT!

I've been working with a nutrition coach who *gets it* when it comes to nutrition, especially of triathletes.  Her advice has been for relatively bland, easy food this week.  So I've been thinking of simple veggies, simple proteins.  I'm thinking maybe we should just eat veggies and grill fish all week?  :-)

My parents arrive late Friday night and plan to play all day Saturday (when M and I have to go rack our bikes).

This is the week I get to have some fun!  As the Oregon state rep, I am waiting for my Oregon jersey to arrive in the mail.  (Scudopro promises me I'll have it!)  I get to take a special tour of the Capitol building with the other state reps, and M of course is my special guest!  So I'm excited for that.  I also have an entire sheet of Oregon stickers, Duck colors Poms, Duck Lips, and other wonderful Oregon stuff- like Picky Bar stickers!- to share.

I plan to continue to force myself to eat the minimum, and to stretch and stretch and stretch.

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