Saturday, August 30, 2014

Erin Condren Planner order, ModCloth bag

So, you can probably tell that I'm in taper, since with all the extra rest, I have to CHANNEL THE ENERGY SOMEWHERE!  And so I'm taking parts of my vacation to catch up on household stuff and organize the daylights out of things.

And iron my linens.  Although I'm beginning to think about adding some fabric onto the sides and tops of the linen sheets that I use as cat bedspreads to make them look a little more finished.  I'm sort of on a spruce-up-the-household kick...

Disclaimer: I have not gone batshit insane or overboard.  I do put M's things away in his areas, but I don't force the man to color code his closet or anything.  

I recently officiated at a wedding, and with the honorarium I received, I decided I would bump a few things off my Wish List.  So I decided I would buy one of those jersey clergy shirts, replace my planner for sure this time since my planner is literally fraying to pieces, get a decent meeting-appropriate work bag, and look into blazers.

I have now ordered a shirt, ordered a planner, received my new work bag, and am waiting for the sale on the blazers in question.

Anyway,  my colleague group (over 1,000 awesome young clergywomen in The Young Clergywomen Project) recently shared about their favorite planners, the Erin Condren ones. I had never heard of these before but people were so passionate about them that I had to try them out!

I've been through many planners, including every iteration of electronic ones.  While each Monday I correlate my written calendar with my Google calendar, I just find the paper planner scratches a deep itch for my working style.  (Not to mention that I hate, hate, hate, loathe, loathe, blech the "flat" iOS.)

Knowing that I needed a new planner and being utterly unable (even with Amazon out there!) to find exactly what I wanted in a binder, I had resolved to try a coil or a disc bound system.  I just didn't want to pay for the paper punch in the disc system just yet!  And as I have realized, I've spent the last 10 years building up a conservative, sensible wardrobe without much cute in it!  So I am taking a fashion risk with a very colorful Erin Condren planner!

You wanna try the Erin Condren, too?  Here's my referral link.  (I believe I get $10 if you order one.  My colleague group shared all our codes to pay it forward to each other.  So if you use my code, you'll get your own to share with someone else!)

Also in the fashion risk category:

I don't have a TON of high-powered meetings, and my main workbag is a fabulous Rickshaw Zero Messenger (in grey, with turquoise lining and purple trim).  I can bike with that bag.  But sometimes, I need something more structured.  (Like for meetings, especially with Bishops or powerful people, or if I go to the city and know I want to meet someone for dinner later.  It looks sloppy to schlep a slouchy messenger to dinner!)

It had to fit an iPad, a slim planner, my "purse stuff" (wallet, sunglasses, that sort of thing), a few pens, a phone...  I really wanted something big enough to carry work in so I could work in a coffee shop like I do, but small enough that I could head to dinner without looking like I was carrying luggage.  Check out women's work bags in Staples sometimes.  See how huge most of them are?  Yeah, no.

I was tipped off to ModCloth, and put about 12 possibilities on my WishList.  Then I discovered a really cool ModCloth feature- the Stylist!  I was able- in live time!- to discuss color choices, size, and material with a real person.  I opted for the Full Course Load in teal.  It arrived this morning!

It is just the right size, and nicely structured with little feet on the bottom (ideal for coffee shops!). It is also a much darker teal than on the website- that looks a little grandmotherly teal, but the actual bag is a dark teal.  It'll be nicely flexible!

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