Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It started off pretty funny.  M was getting ready to head into the district to do some work on the Mall, and he wanted to take his bike.  (Sometimes he gets posted with a Ranger and they've said if he has a bike he can do bike posts!). He was planning to metro in, because we live soooooo farrrrrrr awaaayaayyyyy in Tysons.  But he missed the time cut off, and you can't bring your bike on the metro during rush hour. (LAME!) 

I suggested he ride all the way in.  He replied, "but I don't want to pay the full rush hour fare!"  I replied, "so just RIDE IN!"  He said, "I don't want to pay the money!"  We went back and forth about five times before we realized we were talking about different rides!  

Coffee was made.  

Then I offered to ride in with him.  We ended having a lovely ride down the W&OD and Custis trails into DC.  It's actually super easy to get dumped off in the mall... It's just a long ride.  (Over an hour!) the ride was fast and easy.  I used a few tricks I picked up reading the Fat Cyclist's latest series (his awesome wife, The Hammer, is getting coached through Leadville by ReBecca Rusch and we get to learn stuff! and really put down some super easy speed.  

It also helps that I'm getting way more carbs. In fact, for breakfast, I had spaghetti and sauce!  I love dinner for breakfast. 

So I dropped M off, and by then the day was heating up.  I debated metro ing from the start, but I decided to ride as long as I was in the shade and catch the Metro in Arlington.  So I was riding away, when I happened upon another rider who turned out to be pacing me. We both paused at the top of a little climb and said hello, and it turned out we were both headed in the same direction... Except he didn't know how to get there!  So I decided to ride him to his street crossing.  We rode and chatted, and by the time I dropped him off, I was almost at Gallows!  

I did stop by work (on vacation!) to refill my bottles. I was totally empty! And getting really hot and thirsty and beginning to doubt humanity. Two bottles of ice water restored my confidence in the goodness of creation.  Gotta be careful of dehydration! 

I recently discovered a turn in my route home that eliminates the last big hill. It's nice to be finishing a 26 mile ride and not having to redline the last few minutes. Sometimes you need the hills, but I had already biked almost double what I set out to do today and I don't want to go into Nations tired! 

Overall a good ride, but we both agreed that is our last ride before the race.  We've both been pushing really hard and we need to recover and get our stretching and core work in.  

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