Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bike ride! More mileage than race day, so the bike is good to go.

A few days ago, we got a flat tire on the car.  I decided I'd load up my BMC and get errands done by bike all day, after dropping off the car at Wiygul.  They've been my mechanic in VA since I was in seminary and I feel super safe with my car in their hands.  They're the type of place that sometimes just fixes stuff for no charge, if it's an easy fix.  

The Reston branch is right off the W&OD trail, which means it's super-easy to get there and back on a car free trail with just a few road crossings.  It turned out the Beetle needed two front tires as well, so we had all four tires replaced and an alignment done.  An unexpected change of four tires left this priest on vacation with a serious need to hammer out some stress.  

So I rode up and down the W&OD, stopping to try and have lunch with M who unfortunately got busy.  So I had to eat my turkey sandwich all alone.  But I was super nice and got him a sandwich too! Wait a second- aren't I vegetarian? Well, these days, it's pretty much slackertarian.  With my tummy being so fussy this year, I've opted to go for a what-is-healthiest.  And for a long bike ride, I felt the turkey sandwich offered a nice combo of protein and carbs and high sodium.  I have issues with electrolyte balances, so my doctor actually told me to never cut salt and to consider adding it at times.  Deli meat is loaded with sodium, way more than normal people should regularly eat. For a treat, all of us can eat the turkey sandwich once in a while.  For me, for a long training day, I can have the sandwich...  And a Dr. Pepper.  Cures what ails ya!  

And then I held down a 15.7 mph pace for the next hourish of my ride... Even factoring in stops at the roads and hill climbs.  

Suffice it to say that I'm starting to feel like a shadow of my old self again.  

I also replaced my gloves.  Well, I forgot my gloves so I had to stop and buy new ones.  Don't judge. I went for Pearl Izumis, a women's cut for once. Sometimes, women's gloves are too small for me and chafe my sometimes tender right thumb.  Especially during seasonal changes, my hand is still temperamental.  

Over all, I dropped the car off at 10 and picked it up at 3, with a 30 minute lunch stop and a 20 minute visit to the tri store.  It was definitely a fun way to spend a day that would end in me giving lots of money to a mechanic! 

But now our car is purring like a kitten and running very smoothly (whoops. Alignment is so great).  

My BMC is happy and I have no qualms about the bike portion of Nations. In fact, I was daydreaming about how excited I'll be to get out of the water and onto my bike at the race and how fun it would be if the crowd would chant Oregon cheers with me.  Never mind that I'm way too shy to actually coax crowds to cheer, so I'll just have to hope my Duck-Lip-equipped supporters have that covered.  

And today, I get to go watch baseball, which means a metro ride and a big walk.  And of course some stretching and barre work.  

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