Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swimming at the Wilson Pool

Mondays are busy days in the summers at our house.  We are both preparing for the Nation's Tri, and I'd had very limited swimming opportunities.  Namely, I could go to my apartment's pool, which is nice and clean, but usually really full of kids.  All I want is to do my laps.

So yesterday, after a trip to Fredericksburg, we decided to try to get in a swim workout before yoga.

Wilson pool in DC... is... awesome!

First of all, if you live in DC, you get FREE POOL ACCESS!! How cool is that?  I hope that our plans to move into the District come to fruition soon, because wow, I want free pool access.  As it was, we forked out $7.

It is true that if we are not already planning to be in the district, we would not head in just for the swim.  But since we were heading to free Bicyclespace yoga, it was fine.

Second... this thing is HUGE! It's a full competition pool, meaning it is 50 meters long and has deep water.  The "shallow end" is a little over 5 feet, and the deep end is diving-deep.  It was definitely a cool pool to swim in!  Let's just say that those long lengths gave me one hell of a workout!

It was a good swim overall.  I really felt like some things are finally coming together in my swim.  I was sharing a lane with 4 other people, and I didn't get lapped, and a few times, I would draft off someone to hold their feet.  The people in the fast lane the next lane over did consistently beat me, but I managed to keep them in sight.  Overall, I was very happy with this swim and feeling like things are starting to feel right.  Body placement, hand movements, kicks... whew.

Now I just want to work on endurance to finish up the distance happy and not dying.

In other news, we are considering changing nutritionists.  I'm just not seeing or feeling the results I hope for, and it's felt a little like I've had to remind her of the limitations I'm stuck with (no dairy) and my preferences (prefer not to eat meat, unless you show me that I'd really be better off!).  One of the suggestions was to just sub out meat with an equal amount of tofu, and regular yogurt with soy yogurt.  Unfortunately, that takes me even further in the wrong direction from the quotas she wants me to meet.  So I think I'll be back on the prowl for nutritionists soon.

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