Monday, June 16, 2014

The latest run and a Monday Day Off Project

Yesterday, after work (and a little eensy beensy nap) I went for a run.  My dislike-hate-loathe-eh, it's ok affair with running is well known, and I am definitely feeling the pain of not having my beloved Ridgeline trail anymore.  It was trail running!  I miss my trails!  

So yesterday, for a "short easy" run per the training plan, I decided to try a different route.  I told myself I only had to do 25 minutes, which turned into 40, which morphed in 75!  My feel felt phenomenal, which means I think I have successfully broken in my new shoes/my feet have adapted to the new style.  

I didn't really like the new route, because it was too bright and sunny.  Chain Bridge Road does eventually turn into Vienna but where I am it was just too exposed.  But I did discover that I could turn down a side road, and discovered a new loop run, so I don't have to do an out-and-back.  Eh.  I'll take it.  

My big win for the day was pushing myself to run UP all the hills!  There was zero walking.  My legs burned, oh, ow, the burn, but I got up there.  I liked that.  I feel like I"m getting stronger and hopefully, pretty soon, I won't be humiliating myself on bike rides all the time.  It has been humbling to have to do all the stops and the heaving when I didn't even paperboy the Leadman route.  

For my day off today, I'm planning a Barre3 routine.  Yes, I'm reincorporating that.  I miss Barre3, and it's definitely a BIG challenge, but so good for my body.  And the stretching.  I need that.  

I'm also planning to work on my book situation.  We have a lot of books which have been living with us for years that we just aren't using.  After last year's moving of over 33 book boxes, we want to glean down to just the ones that make sense to keep.  So far, I have one paper bag of books ready to go.  Yeah, I have some work to do.  My hope is that by the time we are ready to move, I will have cleared out the extra books and gone through the wires and cables and chargers and gotten rid of the extra stuff that doesn't work so I am left with the actually useful stuff.  So that is my job for today. 

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