Friday, June 6, 2014

New Running Shoes

So I picked up a new pair of running shoes (the old pair was packed out) and headed out yesterday for my second run.

My first 20 minute easy run in those shoes was delightful.  I felt springy and could definitely feel the difference between the 1.5 pound pair and this 14 ounce pair!

This 25 minute easy run was a little more trouble.  It was hot and humid (although I was well fueled and watered) so I knew it would be a sweaty and gross slog.  I am focusing on keeping my stride turnover brisk and on a mid foot strike (even though there's plenty of heel cushion), so it's possible that the intense focus on form was hurting me.

Early on, I started having inner right knees twinges.  I also had some pretty big foot pain.  Ouch.  It was getting pretty sore to put my feet down!

I stopped for a stretch, and some stretching helped (but didn't totally resolve the knee twinge), and relacing my shoes helped.  I think these shoes will require tying and tightening each time with using traditional laces.  They also have stretchy laces they came with, so maybe I'll try those at some point.

Overall, I suspect it's just the sheer hardness of the roadways that hurts.  Running on road is a LOT of pounding, and I prefer trails when I can get them.  (But even the trails are paved around here.  Oh, Ridgeline, I am glad I appreciated you fully while I had you!)

I'm taking a rest day today and wearing shoes with lots of arch support.  Shoe situation to be continued...

The Ridgeline Trail and Pre's Trail, by the way, are both amazing trail systems in Eugene.  If you live in Eugene and you HAVEN'T hiked or run those trails, you are missing out!  Ridgeline covers everything up to Spencer Butte peak which is amazing, and it is really just a lovely network.  Very popular with dogs and runners.  And even in the hottest days, the Ridgeline gives you a chance to get out of the hot sun.  It always feels pretty cool.  Pre's trail is pretty flat and fast, great for speed work if you just want to shake it out a bit.  I preferred Ridgeline, overall.  Totally gorgeous, and absolutely worth it for brain candy.  It was perhaps among the most relaxing places I could flee to after a busy day!

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