Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Day Off

Today I get to go to the nutritionist! My doctor gave me the prescription to go to one after we talked about the Food Exchange program, and I found that concept to be quite confusing. On one hand, women with PCOS are sometimes told to use Food Exchange and to eat like they are diabetic, but athletes often have to be sure to get all their energy carbs in, and gels and chews make my tummy less upset.  But we humans are supposed to eat whole, unprocessed food to save the planet and the cows and the chickens, and I am supposed to take my probiotic here and my medicine there and where does a glass of wine fit in?  It seems like the plans and readings that I'm finding either include dairy for protein, way more meat than I'm willing to eat, or way too few carbs. 

The nutritionist works with sports nutrition, PCOS, and food allergies.  She is seeing us together, and will get my skinny M set up with a plan to get all the calories he needs.  (He tends to not be as interested in food, until he's starving, and then he defaults to roast chicken and ramen.  And green smoothies. He loves those.) I'm really hopeful she can help me figure put a simple way to understand what is best to eat and how to track it so I have enough long energy for those bike rides with punchy hills, and still keep my blood sugar in check and get to eat vegetarian again. Mostly.  I have found that I just don't enjoy meat all that much.  I'm still working off the doc's orders of "be willing to eat a bit of meat to get your calories in until you can see a nutritionist to sort this out" but seriously, I've had enough burgers for the next two years.  Yesterday, I was at a party and a dear fellow made these lovely burgers- delightfully rare.  Exactly the way I like a burger.  So maybe that excellent burger can be my last for a while! 

What will be interesting will be getting a plan for us together. M typically prefers things tart when I prefer sweet (he can make some soul-puckering smoothies!) and sweet where I prefer plain (get that sugar away from my coffee!), and I prefer vegetarian most of the time when he needs some meat, which explains why he languishes pale and anemic at my feet begging for a steak while I'm merrily chewing away on some seitan. How can we both meet our needs while I address my food allergy and endocrine issue, and he gets enough calories for a skinny athlete? 

I'm still getting used to Mondays as a day off.  I prefer Fridays- the combo of Friday and Saturday feels like a real weekend.  But Mondays works best for this parish right now, so Mondays it is. I did get to sleep in today. When I finally woke up, it was 10 to 8, which is super late for me! 

I guess I was tired!  One of the things I constantly forget about rehab is that I'm pushing my body to get stronger.  After a week of longer runs, speedwork, and strength training, maybe that explains why I was so doze-y.  Um, legit tired, much? So I'm making today a no workout day, except for maybe a light Barre workout later.  I need the stretching so much! 

In other news, I'm trying to figure out why my back pain intensifies so much on Sunday mornings.  I suspect that it might be partly due to the cathedra chairs we have- they are perhaps the most uncomfortable chairs in existence!  Stretching my hamstrings and back between services helps, but it doesn't cure the problem.  But once I get home, after some stretching and sitting on decent chairs, it's much better.  Perhaps I should leave a note for the permanent Rector- reconsider the cathedras? 

I've noticed my voice has smoothed out a bit. While it still gets gravelly after a full day of speaking, it is much easier to keep it in the smooth range. Hopefully, this means that the damage done from all the heartburn is healing, which means that the heartburn is resolved, which means my tummy is healing. Which is all good news.  (I learned in this whole saga that one of the symptoms of lactose intolerance can be upset tummy and heartburn, which many women experience as hunger pains.  So all the time I spent thinking I was super hungry and having those yogurts and cheese ticks for what I thought was a healthy snack, I was basically making myself sicker and sicker. Doh!) 

I haven't had the major days and days of consistent heartburn for a while now. (It just happens when I have a dairy mistake, which last happened a few weeks ago, and now that I know the symptoms, I can take my medicine that helps reduce the reaction that much earlier.) 

I did point out that I'm still hopeful that this allergy can be cured, and/or that maybe the nutritionist will discover it was all a mistake.  "Oh no!" She will say. "It wasn't dairy you were allergic to.  All this time, it was really BROCCOLI!"  And I'll give up broccoli forever.  

I can live with that. 

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