Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bad Priest Procrastinates on Sermon

On the bright side, yesterday, I beat Level 2 of the training plan!  Yeah!  I was excited.  I'd been toiling away at Level 2 for a few weeks and was starting to feel impatient.  It was a hot, humid run, but then again, we've hit that time of year when if I want to get a decent workout in, I need to go out first thing in the morning.

I've also been doing Barre3 workouts and lots of lunges to strengthen my quads again.  Come on, leg muscles!

Mostly, though, this very moment, I am procrastinating on my sermon.  Oh, sure, it's drafted.  It was drafted by Friday.  It just does't feel like ti has gone on very deeply.  Plus, I'm a little sleepy and I keep feeling doze-y.  I've tried every trick in my book, including coffee shops, blocking webpages, and even the library.  My greatest success seems to be getting annoyed at Starbucks.

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