Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Training plan

I have been doing the Run the Edge program and am on week 2 of repeating level 2. Speed work kills me.  I think I need a pair (or two) of new shoes.  My shoes are pretty packed down and I wonder if that might be affecting my recovery.  

Next month, I think I'll start my Barre3 subscription again and give myself a 30 day core challenge. I have been doing close to zero core work.  By close to zero, I mean I at least think about my core once in a while. I like Barre3 and it's an easy program to do on the go- sometimes, I just do three 10 minutes programs throughout the day but it works for me. 

My apartment just opened its workout room after a long renovation (bye bye, nice free gym membership!).  It's pleasantly surprising to see how high quality everything is- it's the same equipment as the gym.  So excepting our lack of classes, it's just like the gym down there.  Lots of treadmills and a fancy TRX setup. This excites me.  

I am all signed up for the Nations Tri. I think it'll be a decent race as long as I can get some swimming in.  I elected not to renew my USAT membership for this year.  It doesn't make sense unless I do three or more races, and I just wasn't going to hit that this year.  Next year, maybe. 

Other than that, things are on an even keel right now. 

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