Sunday, May 18, 2014

sermons can stink

Oy.  I think clergy sometimes underestimate the gut-wrenching, tooth-clenching work that sermon writing can be.  (And I have a few other writing projects that I'm working on as well… but they are in the nebulous stage.  They will be resolving over the next few months, but right now, it's a lot of work-work!)

(Dare I blame the gospel of John?  It's not my favorite and it's very circular.  I also really miss our Old Testament readings during Easter season.  Why the New Testament focus, RCL people?  What's wrong with the OT at this moment in the liturgical cycle?)

I am sort of OK with yesterday's rest day as the aches seem to have mostly resolved (yes, I probably needed the second rest day)… but emotionally, I'm all wound up.  I really could have used some sort of an outlet to blow off some of that excess energy.

Overall it's all worked out.  I ended up swapping out the end of the sermon for the beginning, but it didn't happen until today.  It was planned by Wednesday, drafted on Thursday, and Friday, Saturday, and this morning was all revisions.

It's not always this difficult, but man, now I have to go to work and I just want a sermon nap.

Big girl pants, where are you?

Full disclosure, if I weren't the priest doing services, I wouldn't be going bike riding either.  I'd actually be taking a nap and then getting myself a cup of traumatized writing tea.

Am SO glad my retired associates are here this morning to pick up the slack.  Otherwise I'd be ¾ dead by noon!

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