Thursday, May 29, 2014

Running and Vegan Running

I have not gone vegan... But I have started to push back against the recent influx of meat in our house.  The spouse had decided he feels healthier eating regular meat. Hurrah for him, but I'm the opposite. So our compromise is that for most meals, I'll get to have a veg alternative (tofu instead of chicken, seitan in my tacos instead of beef). 

But I still read No Meat Athlete regularly. And I liked what he had to say today. 

This is him...

And this was my Facebook post, until I realized I was writing too much! And no one wants you to be That Friend on Facebook- you know, the annoying one who talks about fitness and food all the time.  Especially because I didn't want to explain the whole vegetarian thing! 

Ultimately, right now, I'm slackertarian with an appointment to see a nutritionist. I am choosing the healthiest option for me in the heat of the moment- like yesterday, at a restaurant, the easiest thing to modify for my dairy allergy was the burger, since all the salads had significant dairy ingredients. But my compensation is that when I get home, I have lots of yummy veg food to soothe my soul.  Is it perfect? Nope. Will I ever be a strict vegan? I don't foresee that at this time.  This has never been a political choice for me, but one that just makes my body feel better. However, I do confess over time becoming increasingly disappointed with the safety and ethical practice of the US meat industry.  But anyway, heres what I said about Matt's article. 

A very interesting essay on running. I resonate with the tech resistance (love my mini garmin, but I haven't yet wanted the full scale Garmin), absolutely agree that the less meat one eats, the more sensitive one's palate becomes. It's a great frustration for me in meat based meals, how the meat flavor overshadows all but the strongest other flavors.  

My big frustration with veg cooking, though, can be time.  It does take so much planning ahead, sometimes, to think about soaking those beans overnight and then cooking them during the day so they are ready to use at night....

Just like my big frustration with running is the time.  Some of those speed workouts slow down time, I swear, so every ten seconds is another year off my life.  Except when going uphill. Then I have fast forwarded to instant death until the hill ends. 

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kbagioni said...

I cook big batches of beans and freeze what I don't use. They tend to be drier so you may have to increase the liquid in whatever dish you are making. They are great, as is, on salads.