Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's been no secret around the house that I'm a little under the weather.  After the Return of e.Coli, Two Weeks of Antibiotics, and a Huge around of Tests, I'm worn out.  I feel a bit like I have a constant cold or a low-level not-quite-flu.  My lower back and legs are constantly achy and I'm whiny.  On the bright side, recent tests show the e.Coli is finally not showing up on my tests.  Can it be gone at last? 

I have a follow up with the doctor later this week to get the rest of the lab results and figure out a treatment plan.  We have some preliminary answers about the achiness and remaining issues, and what is going on is not unexpected, and very treatable.  

In the meantime, M has decided he would like to go back to vegetarian eating himself.  He went through a Must Have Meat phase the last two months.  I do think that some people just need meat to make their bodies function as well as possible.  So I'm not disturbed by his meat eating.  Occassional meat eatin' is ok by me.  I do wish he'd buy his meat from the crunchy market, M.O.M.'s, around here (it's a smaller, all organic Healthy food store), so he could eat ethically sourced meat.  In the meantime, you want vegetarian? 

I do believe I can do that.  

While M was grocery shopping the vegetarian list yesterday, I made vegan brownies.  If you get yourself a copy of the No Meat Athlete book, they are the bean brownies in there.  I don't have permission to copy the recipe out, but I can say... Wow.  My vitamix puréed up the beans so they aren't visible at all.  The batter was more liquid than my normal brownie batter, so I baked them about 12 minutes longer than the recipe called for, but I like fudgy brownies.  And I used raw sugar, and the recipe has no oil.  So it's basically beans, home ground wheat flour, cocoa, and an oven.  I can't wait to plug it into my nutrition calculator.   

Super duper dark chocolate goodness.  Oh my wow.  

I want to get the special brownie pan to make these again so every piece will have nice edges.  

Meanwhile, I wrapped them up In individual foil packets.  The better to put in lunches, my precious! 

Whoops. Hadn't realized how blurry that iPhone picture was.  Yes, replacing our camera is rising higher on our to-do list. 

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