Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Chores

Other than finishing my sermon for tomorrow, writing some funeral homily notes, and writing an Ash Wednesday sermon (luckily, M is going out with friends tonight so I need feel no guilt about holing up in the study with streaming Pandora), I've got some chores.

M is on board with my Lent idea, so yesterday we bought the grain grinding jar for our Vitamix.  I don't think grinding your own flour is at all essential to this make-our-own-bread discipline we'll be doing, but we've been interested in grinding our own for a while.  Without being able to eat dairy, I'm thinking of other ways to work protein into my body, AND to be able to make sandwiches.  You know, for easy lunches and on-the-bike food.

This week, our experiments will start with garbanzo, quinoa, and almond flour.  I don't think we'll do a one-to-one ratio of anything, but it will replace SOME of the wheat flour in our baked goods.

By the way, in case you were ever tempted by the lesser-cost container of mixed nuts and thought "Hmmm, mixed nut milk…", like we were… don't do it.  Don't make mixed-nut milk.  Bleargh.

That means I'm going to head out as soon as I press "Publish" and get us some garbanzos and quinoa.  Then I'm stopping at REI to get more NUUN tablets for all the massive amounts of water I must drink right now, and look into exchanging my heart rate monitor watch.  After killing two Timex Ironmans, I switched to a Polar FT7, and while that is super comfortable and easy to use, it's a little too light on features for me.  There's no lap counter or stopwatch feature- it's really just a heart rate monitor focused on whether you are in fat-burning or fitness zones, and I'm looking for a little more info than that.  But I don't have the cold cash to trade up to a full Garmin just yet!

I promise to be good at REI and not go batsh*t crazy around all the fun gear.  It's a playground for me.

Overall, I'm recovering pretty well from last week's bug.  All the lab tests are back and it'll be a little while of some heavy drugs, but the doc changed me onto a formula that does not have lactose in it.  Shockingly, part of the reason I was feeling so crummy was the drugs intended to knock out the infection included lactose as an inactive ingredient.  Darn it.  Every time I think, "huh, maybe this is all in my head after all…"

Meanwhile, I'm taking my probiotics like a good girl and switched to a different multivitamin.  Er, actually, I started TAKING a multivitamin again.  I had quit taking mine for a while, but I have decided- even though I eat veggies and colors and a huge variety of foods- right now, my body is still recovering a LOT.

I was so freaking good this week.  I did not go to the gym.  I did not train.  I spent more time asleep and in bed than I can ever remember, so those of you who thought I should get a Sick Coach should be very, very happy.

And now I would like the Polar Vortex and all the sloppy winter storms to go far, far away so I can go outside and go for a nice long ride with M to explore the trails near us!

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