Monday, February 24, 2014

Still alive

I have been a bad blogger!  I just realized that February had almost gotten away from me.  I keep thinking to myself "Ooo, this would be a good moment to write a little post" but by the time I am settled with a computer, I have either forgotten, or I'm tired, or I have a ton of little work emails to respond to.

Let's hit the big points.

-The gym is going well, and I'm finding, as always, that I just work harder when there's an instructor telling me what to do.  I push myself.  I have only gotten one instructor I don't like and there's others who are lots of fun.  A few have said that they've seen an improvement, so hopefully that muscle memory is coming right back.

-Work has been pretty busy.  I'm hitting my third or so week in a row of not having my day off for various reasons, all of which are good reasons and none of which are truly life-or-death reasons.  So I'm going to really focus on getting stuff this week so I can take my next day off… really OFF.

-I took my first bike ride on the W&OD trail yesterday.  It was pretty fast and crowded.  At one point, a guy on a decent road bike caught me and passed.  So I decided to put up a chase.  I never quite caught him… but I chased hard enough (and he knew he was being chased) that by the time we had to stop for a traffic light, he'd found himself in serious need of a hanky.  Yes, it's gross.  But it's also vindicating.  Hey, athletes are gross, OK?

-My BMC gets a lot of attention round these parts.  That is fun.

-Cooking has been going well.  We've been downloading some of the recipes we like to cook together, so we have a pretty functional app by this point.  I did, however, have a total screw up on the cake.  Angel food cake pans, I guess, are not like bundts after all.

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