Monday, February 3, 2014

Spinning class

So my goal of using the free gym membership continues.  Actually, I should SET a real goal, like "do three classes a week". It's really my INTENTION to use the gym.

Today was a busy day. I had my usual Monday to do list, plus it is Annual Meeting this week when I have to give a state of the church address, plus I had a funeral.  In the evening, we planned for a cheapie date night at the Cinema Drafthouse, and knowing how crowded it can get, we needed to get there early.  

My only workout could be at lunch.  I was nervous That I'd either miss class or be late to the funeral, but I went for it! 

I arrived with just enough time to change and get setup. The instructor was great- engaged, fun, and constantly modifying the workout to be just right for all of us in class.  45 minutes later, I had to slip out to get back to work. But it was definitely fun.  A quick shower n change had me back at work right in time for the funeral! 

I got some baseline stats for comparisons.  I don't think that maintenance of biking POWER is really an issue for me, but I do want to work on explosive power and sprints.  The bike coach teaching class suggested that, actually, and she watched me and suggested places I could punch it up a notch.  It was a properly tough workout and I am glad to have a decent spin class again! 

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