Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More time in the gym and letting things settle

Yesterday I did the 45 minute stretch class (which I preceded with a fast 15 minute ellipsis workout for a wee bit of cardio), and then today I went for the Suspension Ride.  That's a class where you do 30 minutes on the spinning bike followed by 30 minutes of TRX. 

The MSA (in Eugene) had TRX,a dn we bought one of them when it closed.  So we have our own... But no place to put it up.  So I was eager to try this class.  

First off... Let's just say that the spinning saddle is a different shape than my beloved Firefly, and I noticed I definitely had some different places to be saddle sore in! I knew the pain would subside once I got warmed up so I gritted my teeth and squirmed and leaned into to the pain and sure enough it went away over the course of the ride.  It's a necessary evil of riding! 

TRX was nice and tough, as well.  Being the tallest girl in class meant I was a helper for the petite girls who couldn't reach the rig that the straps hang from! I notice how weak my abs are right now, so I did the best I could.  I felt felt extremely large and ungainly, which is a different issue altogether.  I will definitely return to this class for more butt kicking. 

The large and unwieldy is an issue I've struggled with all my life.  I've always been tall and not petite.  I'm built with a lot of muscle.  Teachers used to tell me I was a "big, good girl".  As a kid, I knew I was bigger than everyone else.  Even though I'm average height and weight now, I still feel like the tallest kid in class.  So feeling large is a self-conscious problem for me.  

I'm also carrying a few actual extra post-recovery pounds. (Weight gain is what happens when your metabolism goes bananas after lots of gut issues!) I keep reminding myself that my weight has dropped before and it'll drop again and that I'm only about 7 pounds over where I was last summer... 

And then I noticed as I was taking off my socks and my watch that the finest details were imprinted on my skin.  My rings were tight.  My ankles felt stiff.  Oh, duh.  Water retention.  Think about it.  I've added a bunch of new workouts.  I'm stressing my body in new ways.  What happens after, say, a big race or a tough training ride?  I retain a bunch of water.  So I need to be on top of things and drink lots of liquids to help my body flush out all the extra water.  

It's annoying.  When I retain water, it tends to be around 7-9 POUNDS of water. Seriously.  After my 70.3 last summer, I was 9 pounds heavier when I got home than on race day.  A week later, I was 12 pounds lighter.  I've talked about this with my Oregon doctor, but he didn't think this was harmful... Just uncomfortable. He advocates lots of drinking and flushing out the system.  I take my vitamin B complex like a good vegan (even though I'm not totally vegan), and I am just going to have to wait this out.  

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