Friday, January 3, 2014

Kimchi and Core Work

M has been busy in the kitchen- marinating and preparing his latest batch of kimchi, a sort of spicy Korean salad.  I usually measure out two or three ounces and have it as a side dish. He swallows whole bowls. So I'm glad he's learned to make his own! 

(Kimchi is nice in the winter- it was 21 degrees at 5 pm.  That is cold, and kimchi is so nice and warm!) 

I have continued with adventures in Vitamix.  It really makes a difference in almond milk and vegan cheeze sauces.  Today I also made a hot soup and a salad dressing.  

I got started on my resolutions.  I did a 30 minute core workout today. Tomorrow we are going to explore the nearby rec center for pool options. 

I had a bit of a dairy mistake a few days ago (I was not as vigilant with fast food as I ought to have been) and the heartburn has been fairly unrelenting.  I think I'm on the last day now, but I will be glad when this latest reaction is over.  

We just got our library cards and I picked up a book called Learning to Bake Allergen Free from the hot picks section.  Maybe I'll learn something! 

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