Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dairy allergy... Confirmed. Bummer.

I got kinda depressing news last week.  After getting some accidental dairy (whey in an English muffin, since a line cook didn't understand that whey is dairy), I just wasn't bouncing back.  Usually the worst of it is over in three days, but after about six without being fully back to normal, it was off to the doctor.  

She was very nice, did an exam, and checked on the raw spots.  And she gave me the bad news gently... She confirms that she believes I was correctly diagnosed with the dairy allergy. Ironically, the more careful you are with a food allergy and the more faithful you are to your new diet, the worse a reaction can be when you do have one. 

Without being too graphic, I'll share that part of the dairy reaction includes heartburn that could cripple a rhino and some swift, painful exits as everything in your digestive tract freaks out and attempts to abandon your body. It leaves you feeling a bit raw and burned. She gave me medicine to help that heal.  She suggested I try a different probiotic blend.  I found one that seems to have a miraculous result. (It pays to meet the employee who has a severe dairy allergy as well.  Vegan power!) 

I was still bummed. Well, despite the diagnosis in July, I'd been kind of hoping it was a misdiagnosis and maybe there was another, less permanent solution.  But it seems these dairy issues are well known and I'm a model dairy-allergic patient.  

I'm also mad because the tummy troubles of last week have yet again derailed my return to normal training.  I'm starting to feel like I'll have a mountain to climb to get back where I was. I had worked my way to a 7:47 mile, and 150 mile bike weeks.  I'm demoralized and gloomy, and I still haven't found a pool around here.  

Here's hoping that the new probiotic continues to work its wonders.  I'm hoping that this week, at last, I can have enough feeling-good time at once that I can work in some decent workouts.  Plus, it's cold out and I miss my usual bike route in the hills. It's kind of flat round here in DC. 

I think we have located a possible back route, though.  Stay tuned for bike experiments as the temps climb back out of the 20s. 

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Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

Betsy: You might think about updating your bio and your picture to reflect a new geographical location and job. Hope Virginia is treating you well!