Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Resolutions

I'm usually anti-resolution, thinking that no one ever keeps them.  But looking back, I've been reasonably successful with my resolutions over the last few years.  Lose some poundage, get more organized, do a long course tri... All check.  Which makes me think that maybe I have been setting my sights too low. 

For Christmas, M got me a new Road ID- the Slim, for which he also got me the 70.3 badge.  So I've proven to myself that I can survive stuff like this.  Maybe it's the year to step it up. 

Matt Frazier, of No Meat Athlete, has written about having a goal that seems unattainable. It motivates you, he says, especially if you tell the world.  Well, then, world... I have a few things I'd like to work on this year.  

1) strengthen my core.  This is easily my weakest area and it shows. When I'm working my core, I notice my run form is stronger and I'm faster on the bike.  So I want to get strong enough to hold a two minute full plank by next December.  

2) run a half-marathon.  And not amble it or survive it. I'm experienced enough by now to know that I can survive these things. It's time to try running it. An actual run.  This means run training.  

3) pay down debt.  We have done pretty awesome with staying on track and afloat with stuff despite some pretty challenging circumstances (blown up car engine, layoff, internship, separation, car crash and total, new car, and moving across the country to reunite...).  This year, I want us to regain our stability.  My normal goal will be 3,000 in savings and a 50% reduction in my highest interest debt.  My stretch goal will be that, plus paying off the high interest debt, paying off our (new, replacement) car, and ending the year with enough money for a vacation-vacation.  

4) RIde my bike! My BMC will get some aerobars and I plan to put my Oregon-strong legs to good use.  I would like to do a century or two, The Nation's Tri, the Richmond 70.3, and maybe one more if I can fit it in.  I think it would also be fun to take the W&OD to the C&O canal and ride out to Harpers Ferry some nice spring day. The MTB and Hybride Tank need some bike love, right?  

Those are my big four.  I also have to do normal moving things like finding a new spiritual director and doctors and vets.  And getting the damn car registered.  Those little errands are such a pain! 

I am exploring a few apps to track my resolutions (things like Lift and Everest), but I think I might go with a paper training journal.  I made one for last summer and it was really motivating for me to physically write stuff down.  I also felt better about reorganizing workouts when I could look back and the week and realize that if I didn't get all three bike rides done, that I might have gotten an extra swim done and I did more mileage overall than my goal.  It kept me honest and less anxious. Sadly, that masterpiece got lost in the move.  So I think I'll be making a trip to the bookstore soon, or just Amazon shopping!  

I think I'll also add a 5)... Work on my writing! I think I might be making this blog a little more public since it's so helpful to connect with other triathletes and to hear their stories.  And because I have a secret project that is in the works and I am going to make myself a deadline to submit the first phase by February!  

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