Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finding the Gym and Maybe Creating A Pain Cave

I've never really liked the idea of "The Pain Cave".  Unlike most of the sensible universe, I really don't mind my trainer all that much.  (A trainer is a tripod sort of thing that you lock your back wheel into).  It helps me keep my fitness up over the winter, and has been invaluable for things like single-leg drills.  Plus, I don't feel guilty about catching up on TV.

Disclaimer, however: if you have the flu, or food poisoning, or a bacterial infection, and the doctor (i.e., a person with a medical degree and a lab coat to whom you give money in exchange for that person caring for your health) tells you to rest, moving the trainer to in front of the TV is NOT the same as resting.  What the doctor means by "rest" is "lie down on the couch".  Public service announcement, folks. 

So we have two much larger bedrooms here than we had in Oregon, meaning I have multiple options for where I could set up my trainer.  I do have access to a fitness room with dreadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines.  We have gone down a number of times so far.

But overall, I really enjoy the work of Barre3 which suits my body type, and the humming sound of my trainer.  So I think I will be setting up a room here that'll serve as a study/trainer room.  (Bonus: you can't skip your workout when you don't even have to go outside!)  Whether it's an all-the-time set up like the Holy Roller was last year, or an ad hoc thing remains to be seen.

In other news, settling is happening.  Everything is unpacked and we are slowly organizing things.  I just did the study this morning, meaning I am writing this from the comfort of my desk while the computer sings me songs via the computer speakers.  Functional space, hello there.

We have started cooking again.  Our kitchen is smaller than before, and we lost mostly counter space, meaning we are negotiating how one cooks efficiently in such a small space.  However, we did discover an Asian Market nearby and M is enthralled with it.  So far, in addition to a number of slow cooker and stovetop soups and granolas, we are also eating exotic greens salads like chrysanthemum and marinating chayote and boiling fuzzy melon.  I made the black garbanzo bean hummus.  So it's all getting there.  It definitely feels good to have veggies on hand.  Although- after a few months of chaos, I find my body is screaming for cheap carbs like the bread and bagels and stuff I grabbed while on the go.  It's a challenge to re-train my body for the veggies!

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