Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exciting Cooking News for Slacker Triathletes

Oh, how I need a race to prepare for!  We think we are going to try and get into the DC Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon, but I have not signed up yet.  I was waffling for a while on Marathon v Half, and while I think I COULD complete a marathon, I don't think I would complete it happy.  I want to have a happy race.  So I think we will try for the half.  

So in exciting news…

A few weeks ago, got our Vitamix!  When I left St. Mary's, they gave me a very generous going away gift, and part of it took form as a Vitamix.  It is red.  We have been wanting one for a long time, so we are very excited.  The smoothies. The soups. The almond milk!

We noticed right away how ultra-smooth it makes our almonds as it pulverizes them.  Almond milk used to be an overnight event of soaking, several minutes of blending, and then straining.  With the Vitamix, all we do is throw in the almonds and dates and blend away. We don't even strain out the meal anymore.  I used to think how odd it was when raw food it's would drink the almond meal, but the Vitamix makes it so smooth and creamy it really is drinkable.  It is awesome in granola.  

We've also made a number of soups and smoothies. Everything comes out super creamy. I made a hummus that used only about 1 tablespoon of oil (and some water), but which turned out as creamy as store bought.  Just today, I made my very skeptical father his first green smoothie.  The family had bee teasing him that he'd spend his weekend trip drinking green smoothies and eating tofu. There was no tofu served, but he did have three helpings of the green smoothie. (Collard, parsley, banana, green apple, and a small dollop of local honey.). 

All in all, we really like that Vitamix so far! It's been so cool for our nutritional goals.  

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