Saturday, November 30, 2013

Manchester road race report

This'll be a quickie.  Since my last post, we did the Trees for Tilori race which was a HuGe success, and I definitely plan one final blog about that. But the day right after the race, I had a whirlwind final day at St. Mary's and then hopped in the car for a five day drive across the country in a VW Beetle with a husband and two cats.  It was a little chaotic! The cats did not handle it well this time.  They are much happier to not be driving anywhere.  

We have been unpacking boxes in our new place and I'm busy crying over how to fit all our books in. What I really need is floor to ceiling bookcases on an entire wall.  

Anyway, on Thanksgiving, my sister and I ran the Manchester Road Race, one of the oldest and most popular road races in the country. It draws 15,000 participants for the 4.7 mile run.  The info packet says, quaintly, to not expect to run one's best time due to the crowding.  That was certainly true! We had to do so much dodging and slowing in that mega crowd.  

But it was ok.  Thanks to the move, I have not been running in nearly a month. On one hand, I'm glad that I am capable of throwing down a five mile run without any really training, but on the other hand, I am also glad it was a nice slow pace!  I think we were running 11 minute miles which is much slower than either of our normal paces, but I was fine with it.  I take about three miles to warm up anyhow.  My sister was perky from the start, but I'm a cyclist, not a runner.

I actually had a great run up to the last quarter mile when I totally cramped up. I got the worst side stitch I can ever remember- it was hard to even walk!  So my triumphant end was more of a grunting stumble.  

On the bright side, for once, my clothing plan worked brilliantly.  There's a very long standing around period before the race, and it was super duper cold- 27 degrees and windy!  I knew I'd warm up in the race, but if had to be ready for a long stand and wait.  So I came up with the idea of wearing my old quilted cheerleading jacket. I figured if I could handle football games in a miniskirt, I could handle this race.  So it was cheer jacket, fleecy tights, base layer, long sleeve tee, and beanie hat.  All together, I was just right.  

Super cold!
Looking backwards from our start point. 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Not A Bike Ride, and Good for the Soul Anyway

We have resumed our practice of Friday Adventures.  I have already told the Spouse that I intend to call these outings Friday Adventures regardless of the day on which the Friday Adventure occurs.  So we might have Friday Adventures on Monday.  It drives the Spouse nuts.  It's fun already!

We went on a hike to Blue Pool- one of the headwaters of the mighty Willamette.  Way up in the mountains, a long ago lava flow rolled over the Willamette and buried the river deep underground.  Blue Pool (aka Tamolitch Pool) is one of those places where it emerges.

This is a lovely, easy hike.  We started on Trailbridge, a trailhead about 10 miles northeast-ish of the Willamette Ranger Station.  There's no significant climbing and it was just a wee bit muddy.  The walk started off cold (I was actually perfectly layered, but my furnace of a spouse started out in shorts and was a little chilly!) and turned out to be just right once we'd warmed up.

We met a few mountain bikers and took turns taking photos of each other's groups, leaving me with my favorite unintentional selfie ever.  I don't know who these guys are off the trail, but they are sure fun.

Yeah, he was a little cold.  (Layers, my dear.  Layers.)

In front of the pool!

A better shot of the blueness of the Blue Pool.  You get your money's worth from Blue Pool.  

Two of our MTBer friends learn how to work an iPhone.

Then today, after dealing with stressful moving stuff all day, we met up with friends for a nice dinner at home and then we took them to the movies- one of our favorite second-run theatres was having a fifth anniversary party, so we went to see Pacific Rim. These friends are awesome for many reasons, but one of those reasons is that my friend's wife and I have exactly the same taste in movies.  Our idea of how to end a stressful day includes a stiff drink and a movie in which lots and lots of stuff blows up and hot guys take off their shirts.  Pacific Rim had both of these things in spades.  We both approved heartily, and both our spouses put up with their wives.  Hey, we figured thin and predictable plot line, hot guys, and plenty of explosions.  Everyone wins, right?