Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zombies, Run!, and then I cook

I ran away from work today. The weather has been awful- huge storm cells rolling over town and dumping inches of rain on us.  So when the sky cleared and the weather report showed a lull, I grabbed my gear and ran for it... Literally! 

I just discovered Zombies, Run! Basically, if you ever wanted to pretend you were in a zombie apocalypse and running for safety, this is your chance.  Charming British voices narrate the story in between songs, and off you go.  You "pick up things" like first aid kits and clothes, and get chased by zombies.  I escaped one mob, and then I got killed about five times in a row.  It is hilarious, especially when certain songs come on.  Like right after the voice tells you that the zombie chasing you is just 50 feet away, Katie Perry comes on singing Firework.  I wonder what song Taylor Swift would write about the tragic zombie relationship...

I think it'll be a fun running game to play!

I'm also doing a four week fall challenge through Barre3. My goal is to reintroduce a regular stretching and core routine.  So I commit to five Barre3 workouts a week.  The program also includes a nutrition plan (which I don't follow slavishly, but I get inspired by it and pick out some recipes to make). 

Tonight, I focused on some food prep. I picked out a few recipes and headed to the store with a mission plan.  During that mission, I had one of my many mishaps with the bulk bins. Seriously, why put fast-flowing beans up high? Inevitably, I mis-pull and spill beans everywhere and the grocery store guys have to come clean up.  And tonight, another shopper glared at me and huffed the entire time I was in the bulk aisle.  I have reason to think it wasn't just me spilling beans , but it was hard to. to take it personally!  

After the discovery that my iron levels were down in the dumps, I've been tracking food and nutrients. Sadly, I discovered that even with kale and spinach and collards, and every food combo known to vegetarians, plus a multivitamin, I never came close to hitting my daily value for iron.  

I decide some meat eating during recovery wouldn't kill me. I've had to do this before, and I didn't like it. I just don't really like meat.  But this time I have a slow cooker and a bunch of recipes that are veggie heavy, so maybe this time it'll be different. Overall, I think I just prefer vegetarian living.  It suits PMS.  And I've trained for major events while eating 100% vegetarian in the past. It's just this year, so etching didn't click.  When things settle down in my life, perhaps in the spring, maybe I can consider doing some work with a nutritionist.  But for right now, I am going to focus on using recipes from athlete sources I trust to make some good, reliable, well rounded meals with a minimum of stress and prep work. 

Tonight, I made a turkey-kale-beet-quinoa dish that I think is sorta stew like. It was all stovetop, but I think it would translate well to the slow cooker.  It was yummy!  I used golden beets, since I still dislike red beets.  I ate one serving, and popped the rest all assembled into baggies and threw them in the freezer.  
I flattened these for freezing since they are all cooked.  I figured flat packs would thaw and reheat faster.  

I also prepped a beef chili, and used Frayed Laces's trick of putting in the freezer in a rounded shape. So whenever I want, I can pull it out and plop it in the slowcooker for the day. 

I also brined some beans and am cooking those right now.  I love having beans handy.  Normally, I always have beans and rice in my freezer, and greens in my fridge.  I have found that to be a great #1 snack.  It helps me with my emotional eating- With the beans prepped, I can ask the question "do you want your beans and greens or do you want the cookie?" If I want the beans, I figure I'm really hungry. If all I want is the cookie, I'm not physically hungry. Sometimes, I still have the cookie after all, but it helps to know what purposes I'm really eating for.  

Finally, I made this amazing pumpkin ginger smoothie.  I had no almond butter so I used peanut butter.  Let's not make that substitution again.  But it also has blackstrap molasses (excellent source of iron!) so I had a way to get extra iron in my system. 

I prepped ingredients for future smoothies by measuring them out and putting them in the freezer in baggies.  So in the morning, if I think a smoothie is a good idea, it's no thinking, just drinking.  (After a little whir in the blender of course!) 

In all, I figure I have prepped over 21 meals tonight, for a total of about $3 a serving for these dinners.  This included my bottle of Merlot and the Deschutes Obsidian Porter that I got because I'm on a porter kick right now and wanted extra liquid for the meat dishes.  That's right,  I was thinking of the chili.  

And now, between the turkey and the iron, I'm feeling properly sleepy. So off I go! 

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